The unexpected detail of Jennifer Aniston with a nurse infected by the COVID-19


Doctors, nurses and health personnel have become heroes in the middle of the pandemic that is gripping the world. They risk their lives to save those of many other other people, this was the case of Kimball Fairbanks, a nurse from Utah, united States, doing his work was contagious coronavirus, and now remains in his home, keeping quarantine.

But one of the stars of Hollywood wanted to recognize your remarkable work and next to Jimmy Kimmel surprised her in a link that the three of them had to through video calls. The presenter spoke with the nurse about the current situation, how we cope with the quarantine and took the opportunity to thank him for his work in the first line, when it suddenly told him that a friend of hers join the dialogue and appeared on-screen Jennifer Aniston. Kimball could scarcely believe what was happening.

“Hello, heart, it is an honor to meet you. I just wanted to tell you that God bless you and all who are out there working.

I just don’t know how to express my gratitude for all you do putting your health at risk for the benefit of all. They are really sensational,” said Aniston.

The nurse thanked their words, but that was not all. The actress surprised her $10,000 so that you can pass the quarantine without having to worry about your expenses while you recover.