The Witcher III has sold over 28 million copies

The Witcher III has sold over 28 million copies

The Witcher III has sold over 28 million copies since it was on sale in 2015. The game CD Projekt RED is considered as one of the best titles rpg of the generation, and served to bring to the studio Polish in the world. Over the years, the pace of sales has remained stable, but has just been in 2019 when they have begun to rise the sales, thanks to the series of Netflix.

It is no secret that the series of The Witcher starring Henry Cavill has served to increase the sales of the original books as the last game of the sorcerer. In total, The Witcher 3 has garnered more than 28 million units sold if we ignore the figures that shows us the fiscal report of CD Projekt.

As account of the Twitter user DarkDetectiveNL, The Witcher 3 has sold about 28.3 million units, which are distributed between Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in the first 3 years of life of the game, while in 2019 premiered its version for the Nintendo Switch.

The Witcher 3 has sold just over 12 million units on PC, 10 million on PlayStation 4, 4 million on Xbox One and almost a million units (over 700,000) in Nintendo Switch.

The future of CD Projekt has, as the date marked the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which is held in September of this year. In terms of what he has ahead of the Polish study, for the time being we know that will continue to work on The Witcher.

▪ Release date: 19/05/2015

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