This designer senegalese creates beautiful prints from mathematical equations.

Gueye, who had long had aspirations of fashion from childhood to make clothes for their dolls, he wondered if he was using the equations that are taught to create designs and patterns for the clothing.

after that moment in class, their brand Diarrablu mhe began to use mathematical concepts such as geometric transformations and transformations quadratic to create multiple prints in bright colors.

“My work is completely focused on using the math to the creative process,” he told CNN.

One of her prints (pictured above), the engraving of Joal, was inspired by a course on exponential functions, and quadratic, ” she says.

According to Gueye, the shapes of the shell were generated digitally and represented graphically to create forms of clam shell in swimsuits, kimonos and dresses.

“I am proud to call myself a math creative and spend the day doing or teaching mathematics. As a result, all my creations have this DNA,” he said.

Wall Street to fashion designer

Gueye has launched the clothing brand in 2015 and started to use mathematical equations in their designs a few years later. She currently travels between the united States, where he teaches mathematics in a secondary school in Silicon Valley and in Senegal, in west Africa, where it makes its clothes.

His place of birth is very present in his work and one of their current collections, the printing of Joal, is inspired by a coastal town in senegal.

“I developed the impression Joal to SS20 which is the result of the graphical representation of shells the essential place of drawing them, to recreate the ecosystem of Joal Fadiouth, a coastal city and is emblematic of Senegal,” he said. declared.

At the age of sixteen, she moved to Norway to complete his secondary education. After graduation, she moved to the united States where he studied mathematics, economics and statistics. Later, he got a job on Wall Street, working first at an investment bank, then on the floor.

But he never forgot his first love: fashion and finally started a blog where I documented the inspiration of fashion on the streets of New York.

Wave creative african designers

In 2013, Gueye finally left Wall Street and registered his trademark fashion. He began to organize weeks and fashion events in countries such as the united States and Senegal before beginning a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Stanford.

Gueye is part of a wave of creative designers that are innovating in the african fashion, a booming industry.

According to a report by 2015 Euromonitor, the market of clothing and footwear in sub-saharan Africa is for a value of $ 31 billion.
Labels such as Maki Oh from Nigeria, worn by Beyonce, and Mantsho south africa established as international brands beyond the continent.

As many of these fashion brands, the growth of Gueye in Africa has been exponential. In the coming years, says he wants more collaboration among designers on the continent.

“I am happy that african designers to grab more of the story and encourages me to continue writing our own stories and create our own validation”.


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