TikTok donates $ 250 million to help COVID-19, offers $ 125 million in ads


TikTok today announced that it will provide $ 250 million to the relief efforts of COVID-19, plus $ 125 million in advertising credits for public health organizations and small businesses.

The president of TikTok, Alex Zhu, revealed the plans of contribution of his company in a press release, which was shared with Digital Music News. The $ 250 million referred to above for help, they are destined to reach various charities, including $ 150 million for the Fund of Support of Heroes of Health TikTok, which equips medical professionals with additional compensation, and equipment.

Then, TikTok will send $ 40 million to the Fund to Help Community TikTok, who in turn distribute funds to “local organizations that serve groups that are representative of the various communities of users of TikTok”, musicians and artists among them. In addition, the brand technology has committed to match $ 10 million in individual donations to the relief Fund Community.

TikTok will disperse the $ 50 million by the end of its commitment as subsidies to education, to help teachers, parents, and students to adapt to the impact of the coronavirus in the learning. Schools and colleges throughout the united States and the world are still closed due to the risk COVID-19. Only during the last 24 hours, the governors of Louisiana, Oregon, and Pennsylvania announced the closure of schools in their states to cover the remainder of the academic year.

Finally, TikTok will be available to the small businesses advertising credits worth $ 100 million to help attract customers and increase revenues to the extent that the crisis of the coronavirus decrease. In addition, it will provide $ 25 million in “advertising space featured on the feed” to non-governmental organizations and non-profit agencies, in addition to “sources of health more reliable.”

In other news charity of COVID-19, Cardi B and Fashion Nova recently began to give away $ 1,000 per hour to those affected financially by the new coronavirus. The company’s charitable long-range will continue until the 20th of may, until it has distributed a total of $ 1 million.

A little more than two weeks, TikTok donated $ 10 million to the Fund of Solidarity Response of the World Health Organization. And before that, TikTok, was in the news for their policy of moderation video.