Top best movies to watch in streaming


With the current pandemic of the coronavirus, which has been unleashed on a lot of the world’s population, one of the most interesting developments in the field of entertainment has revealed its important role in today’s society. We refer to the possibility of watching movies and series in streaming.

Thanks to the development of the internet and, in general, of the Technologies of Communication and Information (TICs), has been able to be born and grow in a progressive way one of the most prominent industries that make life on the web. In the course of little more than a decadethe streaming it happened to be a emerging method of transmission of content, to be one of the forms mostly used in the world for online content.

And it is that are its characteristics and particular benefits that have become so popular in recent years. Also, in the current context in which we find ourselves, that is to say, in the middle of a quarantine social, caused by the coronavirus, has established itself as the strategy more versatile and comfortable to enjoy large amounts of online content.

With the passage of time, the greater the number of users who have begun to take advantage of the multiple advantages of see in streaming all the content you could wish for. The consumption of the people can vary from movies, series or even watch sports streaming.

So if you are at your home, applying a responsible steward of the orientation of social distancingand you don’t know what to take the time, do not hesitate to join you also to the millions of people who enjoy to use the streaming online. In this sense, below is a small list of the best and most recent films to see you through any platform of free streaming.

Top 5 films to watch in streaming

Do you want to start enjoying the advantages of the services of streaming online but you don’t know where to start? Below we offer some recommendations of productions to which you have access totally free and with the best quality in audio and video.

Birds of prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)

Here we can find the first appearance in a solo Harley Quinn, the well-known supervillana belonging to the world of DC Comic.

The film introduces us to Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) after being separated from The Joker and start a new life by joining a group of heroines who choose to call themselves The birds of prey. This team, consisting in total of four girls, he begins his first great mission in the fight to save a young woman who is in danger to fall into the hands of a villain known as Black Mask.

Bad boys for life

In the third installment of the popular series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the couple of irreverent police will have to make team with a modern unit made up by the actors, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig and Charles Melton. Through a platform of streaming online you’ll be able to meet the new threat looming over Miami and that will force our protagonists to work hand-in-hand to end up with a dangerous leader of a drug cartel, Armando Gun (Jacob Scipio). It is a problem that must be resolved quickly, since the life of police officer Mike Lowrey is in danger to be one of the targets of Weapons.

Ad Astra

If you are in search of an excellent science fiction movie to enjoy with your family at home, Ad Astra it is your ideal choice. Here we delve into the life of the prominent astronaut named Roy McBride (played by Brad Pitt), who after suffering an accident in the stratosphere, is selected for a mission that only he can fulfill. The protagonist is sent into space to search for and try to stop the phenomenon that led to the terrible event in the days prior to McBride by little dies. The mission tends to complicate the news that the father of our protagonist could be responsible behind the phenomenon that threatens life on Earth.

Sonic: The movie

Our blue hedgehog, favorite has returned, but this time in a fun adventure of live-action. Sonic, the well-known video game character from Sega teams up with the police known as police, Tom Wachowski, and which is interpreted by the actor James Marsden. These two characters must join forces to fight the evil villain named Dr. Robotnik, a role assumed by the great american actor Jim Carrey, whose goal is world domination.

The invisible man (2020)

Also you can take advantage of your free time to see in streaming the story of Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss). A woman locked up in a regrettable relationship with a wealthy scientist named Adrian Griffin. This man decides to take his life and leaving a large inheritance to his wife. In the course of the film Cecilia is faced with a series of strange and dangerous events that make you doubt of the death of Griffin. Do not miss this adaptation of the play of H. G. Wells, through your portal favorite streaming online. DAILY Bay of Cadiz