VIDEO: Tired of his child, Kim Kardashian hiding in the bathroom during the quarantine


Los angeles, USA.- The quarantine for coronavirus not you’re sitting at all well with the mogul Kim Kardashianbecause est starting to get tired of having to take care of their children 24 hours a da.

Fed up of this situation, the model 39 aos set out to record a tutorial makeup in your bath to relax and to have a spare time of their small.

However, this does not came out as expected, as his daughter interrumpi the video for your mam to wash his hands, to which she replied: What can you do in the other bath? I’m in the middle of something, my love.

I’m hiding in the bathroomguys , I’m hiding in the bathroom because my children don’t leave me alone, said Kim in front of the chamber.

Finally, Kim Kardashian explained to him that you want to have a fun time alone, to which her daughter replied that to avoid them was cruel on your part.