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We already have some details of the upcoming albums of 6ix9ine


A few hours ago we learned that the judge had been good to 6ix9ine and he had been allowed out of jail to not infect coronavirus, so now they are put all eyes on him. In addition, we know that he signed a contract with 10K Projects, so make sure that you have new music on the way.

6ix9ine going to take out two albums, one in Spanish and one in English

Despite the fact that officially Tekashi is still serving a sentence, several sources claim that is allowed to record new songs and as confirmed by his own lawyer, is working on several projects.

69 is investing the time of his arrest, therefore, “is preparing an album in English and another in Spanish“. Down Florio, the attorney, has said that “that’s going to be working”.

But all this is not possible only by the benevolence of the judge, but that is also due to the fact that “the label has already advance a few million”. However, this advancement implies that “remove the disks as soon as possible”so 6ix9ine going to have to put the batteries.

In addition, it is likely that also try the social networksalthough the account is managed by another person, so if you don’t follow it, it is the time to do it.

All of this information means that in anything we will have to Tekashi from the lists of reproductions and the best thing is that we enjoy him in our language.

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