What Pillow Challenge? Is the new challenge viral with a “pillow fashionista”


Mexico.- The quarantine has us inventing things and one of them is this new challenge viral “fashionista” the Pillow Challenge, which basically consists of using a pillow and a belt as unique garments.

The challenge was born in Tik Tok, when lovers of fashion, rose videos dancing to the song Single Ladys Beyonce, only with a pillow, but he evolved to become what it is today, a leader of fashion, in quarantine and with a pillow.

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Famous mexican as Geraldine Bazan, Camila Sodi, Fernanda Castillo, Marlen Favela, among others, have uploaded to your social networks snapshots with this characteristic look.

The challenge was not long in viralizarse with more than 76 thousand 634 publications and 41 thousand 221 publications, respectively. Many of the women that followed indicated that it is a way of staying busy, fun, and even arranged to live in quarantine in their homes.

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