What Shrek are you? Discover the human version of the classic ogre


Shrek version real
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Shrek it is and forever will be one of the animated films most beloved of all time. 20 years ago the arrival of the first movie revolutionized the film industry and marked more than a generation; so that any thing that is related to the fearsome ogre will always be great news, as here we will share with. ?

Shrek version real human

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It turns out that, in these times where most people stay at home, have emerged some hobbies to cope with the quarantine; one of them is to see classic movies like Shrek or get creative by making videos for Tik Tok. But, can you imagine to mix the two into one?

Shrek version real human

Well, this was what he did Usiel William, who, with the help of Tik Tok and his ability to recreate classic characters from shows, movies, and cartoons, was transformed into an authentic Shrek in human version; when by a position magic of the Fairy Godmother turns into a handsome man to regain the love of Fiona.

The scene, which if you don’t remember, is one of the most fun and memorable Shrek 2; which you can enjoy through Clear video as well as the rest of the films: Shrek, Shrek The Third and Shrek forever, and forming part of the #ClaroQueMeQuedoEnCasa with #LaRedDeTusEmociones.

The video also shared on the various networks of the Usiel William has exceeded 85 thousand likes and more than 400 thousand of reproductions in only Tik Tok; thus being dubbed as “the Shrek in real version”. However, the ogre is not the only character who has recreated with his talent and makeup, as also it has done with Jack Sparrow, Pennywise, Willy Wonka and even Katy Perry.

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Released in 2001, Shrek managed to win for the first time in history the Oscar for Best Animated Film, and was not for less, since its humor, animation and script have been one of the biggest hits of Dreamworks. Not to mention the excellent cast who gave voice to characters such as Donkey, puss in Boots or Lord Farquaad. And tell us, have you ever imagined a Shrek of flesh and bone? ?

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