What to do if you feel anxiety or depression in this crisis?


The uncertainty in the face of what is going to happen, the confinement and the overall situation of stress because of the risk to health and the economy that involves the pandemic COVID-19 can affect the mental health, here are some institutions and telephone lines to which you can go for help.

“To all those who have a friend or a coworker that is consuming the most alcohol, who can’t sleep, you don’t know why but they wake up in the middle of the night, they are eating a little more, who are worried about not being able to see the grandparents, to those who have fear or depressive episodes, we want to tell you that there is a whole network of institutions and services where they can find guidance and support for addressing mental health in this period of epidemic,” said Jorge González Olvera, director general of the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic).

During the evening lecture on coronavirus on Friday, explained what the network of services that exist to meet the mental health and the problems related to the consumption of substances.

There are 38 psychiatric hospitals throughout the country, said González Olvera, 51 centers comprehensive mental health, 338 primary health care centers for addictions, which have become centers that serve mental health to support in this situation of stress and distress associated with the pandemic, and 116 centers of youth integration, all with trained staff.

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All of these work as modules of information, offer workshops and conferences, and now that the meetings are providing information via call centers or contact centers, through social networks, with interventions for smoking cessation, to treat substance abusers, as well as people with addictive behaviors such as pathological gambling.

In all of these centers is crisis intervention, in an emergency, and is derived who require other specialised centres, in violence, in sexual health, into teen pregnancy.

As part of the strategy to care for the mental health of the population in this period, attention will be paid to those who are in home isolation through the telephone lines, such as the Life Line (800 911 2000), the Intelligence Unit for Epidemiological Health (800 0044 800), Locatel (56 58 1111), Line UNAM (50 25 0855) and Centers for Youth Integration 52 12 1212 or via WhatsApp to 55 4555 1212).

It is important to remember, he stressed, the director of Conadic, that all people facing a mental health problem or a response to stress or distress in front of the changing situation and uncertain because of the epidemic of COVID, or people who face a problem of consumption of substances, all have the right to have health care.

Gady Zabicky Sirot, owner of Conadic, said that there are vulnerable groups with which you have to have more care in this quarantine, people with disabilities, people with mental disorder mental, those who have consumption of substances, and it is not only with the problematic users (who are the 19% of the population) but with all, because 75% of the population consumes alcohol on a regular basis.

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“We call for restraint for responsible consumption in the home, because the excess can lead to other problems of violence, of not having the ability to respond appropriately to an emergency such as this ”

In addition, he continued, “all the people that are users, whether tobacco, cannabis, other substances that are smoked, of the vaporizers, it is very important that at this time, consider that these behaviors, while they are not responsible cause of the problem, yes are risk factors.”

For his part, Juan Manuel Quijada Gaytán, director general of the Services of Psychiatric Care from the ministry of Health, said that in order to maintain mental health in this period of epidemic and confinement must have healthy habits to strengthen the physical and mental health.

Among these are: follow a routine, expressing feelings, taking time alone, to recognize the positive, find solutions, promote positive behaviors, have a healthy diet, rest, hydration), physical activity, and to try to practice relaxation exercises, like deep breathing.

The children, girls and adolescents, it is clearly evident that you are staying at home, it is difficult not to see his friends, not going out to play in the park, not to be in their everyday activities, such as the school, do not see their grandparents.

“We want to tell the children that play a lot, they need to be respectful and obey father and mother, and to the adults who are in the house. Teens ask them peace of mind, we ask that you read, you watch television for a moment, get a little exercise and contribute to the well-being inside the house,” said Jaw Gaytán.

To minors, he added, there are that tell you that if you have a problem discuss this with their parents, with adults who are at home, express their emotions, ask your questions, that are not afraid to ask questions and talk with them, because there’s always going to be someone that can listen.

Respect to the personnel of health, all agreed, is that they are in a situation of risk and vulnerability. Zabicky Sirot said that the staff of accurate health care a priority and called not to believe they are super heroes.

“I want to say that the personal health we are vulnerable, we are not superheroes, we’re not heroes, we live in a state of necessary solidarity. who are these servants of health? We are mothers, we are fathers, we are people just like you, who are in the same concern and the same anguish.”

To take care of them, they said, are developing diverse strategies of mental health care, but called on people to be charitable, to support them and prevent any type of aggression to those who are in the first line of battle in front of the COVID.

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