What to do in Barcelona today, Sunday 12 of April 2020


They say that classical music has a lot of qualities prodigious that we could not even imagine. According to the Foundation’s Beethoven on the basis of studies of various universities: helps to reduce pain, anxiety, stress and blood pressure, increases our physical stamina, improves the ability of memory, attention and concentration of children, or the brain functions of adults, as well as stimulates the fetus. Or the best medicine to overcome it. This is why it is good that these days we spend a little time and both the Palau of the Music as the Auditorium we make it easy and a star world makes us a gift.

Great concerts for the whole of Europe

The first premiered a year ago the platform Palau Digital in which we hear about 50 concertsin audiovisual format, and other audio. In addition, they are offering each day a series of big pieces streaming in collaboration with other european centres (such as the Auditori) and which can be followed also in your page Facebook. This is the Music of the day from Europe’s Concert Halls. The first week these events were held in various rooms of the old continent have been followed by nearly half a million people. Are issued to 20 hours and, in some cases, may be available for up to a week but it is better to see them as soon as possible.

This night is expected the interpretation of the Symphony number 3 Brahms from Hamburg. The appointment of tomorrow, Monday, at 20 hours, it is especially importantsince that issue the version of The rite of spring Stravinsky that led last year by Josep Pons with the Orquestra Simfònica del Liceu in Palau so you can see it all over Europe. During this next week are scheduled from other rooms Piano concerto number 2 Beethoven (Tuesday), the Amériques of Varèse (Wednesday), works of Schumann and Chopin (Thursday) or the Symphony number 9 Beethoven (Friday).

The jewels of the Palau of the Music

In Palau Digital you will find also the last that were in circulation as the symphony Resurrection, the second of Mahler with the Philharmonic in Munic, the Orfeó Català and the Cor de Cambra of the Palau directed, nothing more and nothing less than by the driver of fashion, Gustavo Dudamel. Precisely venezuelan director has a big role in this page where you can see the Integral, that is to say, all of them! the symphonies of Beethoven that led to the front of the Sinfónica Simón Bolívar.

In your page we will be able to see various concerts of Sant Esteve, a tribute to Eduard Toldrà with Albert Guinovart at the piano and the tenor David Alegret, Bill Viola meets Varèse, a show that combines the images of the video artist with works of Varèse, Magrané and Widmann, the Dido & Aeneas Purcell by the coral of the Orfeó Català, A prayer for peace with the Cor de Cambra del Palau and the Cosmos Quartet, directed by Simon Halsey. Other recitals are only in audio but also worth as the trios of Beethoven piano by the Trio Ludwig, the premiere of the Rèquiem of Guinovart, the Pathetic of Tchaikovsky or the last three symphonies of Mozart played by Jordi Savall and Le Concert des Nations.

A documentary and audio

In Palau Series we can watch Resurrection, title of an interesting documentary that offered to explain from the inside how has overcome this historic institution the crisis after the scandal Millet. And a section dedicated audio conferences recent classes taught by experts where the theme of many of them is Beethoven to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birthbut also we can learn more of the Water music of Handel, the Symphony Fantastic Berlioz, the Ninth Mahler, the modernity of West Side Story or a tribute to Montserrat Caballé with their best recordings.

The offer of the Auditori

L’auditori home teva proposed concerts, and other digital content for these days. In addition to the above-mentioned of the Music of the day from Europe’s Concert Halls can be enjoyed in various works of the symphonic repertoire of the OBC or the concert in the Holy Family where it was introduced to Kazushi Ono, as the holder of the training, the Concert at Platja and the Symphony Spring of Schumann. We can also see and listen to the last Christmas concerts performed by the Municipal Band. The jazz is present by means of the recital of the Néstor Giménez Orchestra that makes a re-reading of modern The rite of spring in Consecration (Rite) and the new creators as Paul Carrasco, Ferran Page or Miquel Vich offer concerts from home In-Side.

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The children also have their space for have fun and learn with family shows as the imaginative Pica-Os (from 2 years), which reviews the work of the artist with the bands sound of flamenco, the aromas of the Modernist Barcelona, the couplet or the French song. Sonets de joguina (from 2 years) it is a journey to be introduced to the magical world of the instruments with songs and popular authors such as Satie, Turina, Mendelssohn, Chopin and Mompou. The other option is to Out of the (Cage’s), recommended from 6 years of age, to discover the original compositions of John Cage and his own peculiar universe of sound. And, what’s more fun, a video where you teach us to lavarnos hands in 30 seconds to the rhythm of the Fifth Symphony Beethoven while the musician, with a mask, watches over us.

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The special concert by Andrea Bocelli

Finally, the lovers of the bel canto have this afternoon an appointment with one of their big stars, the tenor Andrea Bocelli, who will offer a special concert through his YouTube channel at 19 hours from the cathedral of Milan, Music for Hope. Will be a recital very special as they the enclosure will be empty and only will accompany you Emanuele Vianelli, which will touch the body of the temple, one of the instruments most impressive in the world. The repertoire is planned to include parts such as the Ave Maria Bach and Gounod or the Sancta Maria Mascagni. A show a must for all music lovers.

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