What was the only option? Michael Shannon defends controversial scene of ‘Man of Steel’


Despite the fact that ‘Man of Steel’ was premiered in 2013, fans continue to think that the movie starring Henry Cavill, has many flaws when the mythology of Superman is about. This is because in the movie the hero breaks many of their moral codes, but in spite of this, in an interview Michael Shannon has defended the scene’s most controversial feature film.

When the film ‘Man of Steel’ he came to the cinemas, had a mixed reception from the critics, and worse than that, had the same negative response among the fansas many were deterred by seeing the tone gloomy of the film, the desaturated colours and the high number of deaths that introduced the movie by Zack Snyder.

But the thing that really bothered fans was the final, presented to Superman by taking away the life of general Zod in order to save some civilians, and now thanks to an interview for the podcast Reel Blend, Michael Shannon defends the demise of Zod to ensure that there was no other way that this conflict would have been resolved by saying: “I didn’t think there would be another way to end, really, I mean, Zod says that we are you or me. I will not let you survive. You will destroy them, unless they deprive me of life.”

For the point of view of the actor, the decision was very similar to that seen in the ancient Greek plays that represent battles between the ancient gods, to know that so that you can live one the enemy must perish. But the fans know that one of the golden rules of Superman, is that it doesn’t quitaria life to anyone for more bad it is, because their parents taught them when he grew up in Smallville.

Michael Shannon has won critical acclaim for his performance as an evil kriptoniano, but your statement that defends the death of Zod makes many continue to question what he has been debate for years… What was the only solution to that Superman would take his life to Zod in ‘Man of Steel’?