White nails as a trend among celebrities such as Belinda and Kylie Jenner


The white nails cornered, again, the attention of the celebrities. They look in a manicure almond-shaped or square and in a shade of white shiny or matte, depending on your style. Yes, the white color goes beyond the enamel is typically used in the classic French manicure or as the main design for a wedding. Now, you can take it in a look casual or more elegant without the need of those long nails or fake nails, many times, uncomfortable. In moments where the responsibility is to be at home, the natural has gained increased value among celebrities such as Belinda or Kylie Jenner who choose the aesthetic is more comfortable, easy to preserve and to play with more than one piece or set of these.

The Spanish singer, for example, opted for paint your nails a white color without any decoration, however small they may be. In this way, Belinda highlighted its clear tone of skin-to-game with a t-shirt of the same color and a straw hat with a wide brim that also had a white border as part of its design.

Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, shared a story in his account of Instagram in which he stressed his taste for look more and more natural, without the use of their classic false nails of great length and in accents alive, which amounted to, every time they could, a series of applications with rhinestones or glitter. Now, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters wears nails in white color and accent mate who harmonizes with sweaters of cotton of light colors, to play with their infallible tennis whites pristine with bobby pins.

To achieve a manicure delicate, white in color, as these celebrities it is necessary to choose a shade of white that goes well with your skin, in addition to considering the basic rules for a manicure without errors from home. The most important of all: apply the base, followed by two coats of enamel and a product drying to finish.

From there on you can take them completely white, as a trend among the celebrities, or add them to any design. From a message romantic written lines in italics on some of the nails, passing by thin lines in the color of your choice (the gold goes very well on the white), a bit of glitter to highlight them at night or well applications of rhinestones. The prints or prints on the white nails also give a different turn to the proposal. Choose colors gold, silver, black, or gray for a sophisticated version, or other pastels for a more casual.

While the white colour tone is easy to break or get messy with a pen, you can cover it with a layer of very light pink or protector of the nail so that the real effect will last the greater amount of time. Unlike previous seasons in which the nails white in color, appear, mostly, during the summer, now, this trend returns without prejudice and has no expiration date. Rather, you arrive on the basis of proposing new alternatives to beauty from the house where, definitely, the tones of a single color on the nails turn out to be the easiest to replicate if you are the one who makes the manicure alone.

It is then a matter of a return to the simple and the natural that is no stranger to sophisticated or elegant. If you are wearing this nail color in the right way and with the layers sufficient to note the intensity of the tone monochrome, you’ll see that the results are not as expected. Take advantage of the color white with a jewelry vibrant, with either vintage inspired or more modern.