Who is Ava Max, the heir of Lady Gaga


Ava Max sang for the first time in public at the age of 8: that day the author of the hit “Sweet But Psycho,” she discovered that she had a super power on the stage

From Madonna to this part, how many women have been named as “the new queen of pop”? Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and the list continues until today with another challenger to the throne:

Ava Max


It is the singer and songwriter of american descent an Albanian, who became known thanks to the hit “Sweet but Psycho” (2018), and that this year he released the first single for his debut album of study. The song is called “Kings & Queens”. And the lyrics and the video clips (the official and the advance lively) help to compose the state of the situation and willingness to assume the mandate of the artist of 26 years born in Milwaukee.

Like their other single, or maybe more, this brand-new song regodea in

a pop catchy and danceable that definitely aligns with the proposals of Lady Gaga

. And not only in the music, the look, the theatricality choreography, the moral, politically correct and the powerful visual of a job thoughtfully planned.

Let’s see: the letter is dedicated to the women. And he says: “If all the kings have their queens on the throne / descorcharíamos champagne and brindaríamos. To all the queens who struggle alone, sweetheart, you’re not dancing on your own”. And in the clip that has just been released can be seen to Ava enjoying a banquet in the header of a table of delicacies.

Almost always it is surrounded by ten women and two little men, a total of 12 are apostles? they also accompany the dance. And she fits the sword to say: “Oh, there’s no damsel in distress, I don’t need to be saved, once they start breathing fire you will not be able domesticarme and you might think that I am weak without a sword, but if I had one, would be bigger than yours”. So to be blunt. As explained the singer to the other side of the phone about “Kings & Queens”: “It’s one of those twists that I wanted to show in the disk. It is the first cut because it empowers us with a strong message that we all need at any time. And besides it is queens that return to their throne, and dominate the world.”

– How are you going to be the disk?

-It’s going to be half and half. You are going to have one side bright and happy, but the other part will be dark. It is a mix.

-I read in a review that with “Kings & Queens” accept symbolically the new crown of pop.

-Wow (Ja ja ja ja). It is mind-boggling, But there are many queens of pop. I don’t think there is a single person to get the crown.

-You said that took you a decade to have the opportunity to become successful since you started. How was that fight?

-The truth is that it took me a long time. It was always clear and, therefore, I devoted myself completely, in a hundred percent to achieve this. Since my teenage years I made myself to get this.

The new Ava Max is called “Kings and Queens”

When do you feel successful for the first time?

-With “Sweet But Psycho”. With the editing and exposition of that topic.

-Concerned you may do so to have that was very crazy road to get to the place where you are now. What was the craziest thing that happened to you in that journey?

-There are many things nonsense. One of the most crazy was trying for ten years to achieve something, and that nothing will happen. I wanted to abandon everything. It was a very hard time for me. Then I started to go out a lot to parties, drinking too much. But, in the end, I’m here.

– Who helped you not to leave?

-My parents. Yes. Especially my mom. She told me many times that he had to go.

– How else are your parents exerted influence in your life? What their origin, their professions? Your mother sang opera and your father played the piano, right?

-Yes, I grew up in an atmosphere very musical. Dad would play the piano, my uncle had his band. So we used to meet up in the living room of the house and we all got to sing together.

– Did you like to listen to music of Albania?

-I definitely love the music of Albania. My parents played those records, and my grandparents, above all, they knew those issues. I learned a lot from that.

– Have you ever left out or discriminated against by the origin of your family? What was going on in school?

-Yes, I felt observed by the way you talk or the way I dressed and my image in general. I was always different.

-But that made you stronger…

-Oh, yes. A lot of what happened to me broke my heart, I cried quite a bit. But after I understood that confidence in yourself and in those differences makes you stronger.

-Concerned you may do so mention that when you’re onstage you feel a beast. How is that? When did you experienced for the first time?

-I experienced that feeling the first time I got on a stage. And that was when I was 8 years old. It was a contest. I went to the scene and, when I went down, I said to my mother: “This is all I want to do for the rest of my life.” It meant everything to me.

-Going back to “Sweet But Psycho”, what was your inspiration for this topic?

-Inspiration I was the same at that time. I felt a little sweet but a psychopath. After I realized that I was not psychotic, that he was just strong. Or I became strong.

– When do inventaste your hair cut, the Max-Cut?

-I created my hair cut in a way random. It was an accident. I was trying a style for my head so I tried two different things from both sides. And there I decided to stay with that look.

-Beyond the accident, how it represents what you llamás, “the strength and the confidence in one”? How was the process for you to feel so safe since you were a teenager?

-It was definitely not as safe when I was growing up. Was wearing clothing that was not for me, or change my style. We all go through those stages to find our style and our security.

When did you decided to change the name and stop calling you Amanda?

-I decided to change my name when I was 14 years old. I felt Amanda for a long time. I called Amanda made me feel sad and insecure, was not for me, it made me feel inferior. I wanted to create an identity completely new.

– How is your routine in times of coronavirus?

-I make coffee in the morning, after I cook, and then clean. I take because I don’t have much to do.

– What miss the most leaving?

-Strange to travel the world, meet my fans, and above all, playing live. Yes, I miss playing! But I understand that. We are all in the same.