“You have to stay positive and enjoy these days home”


Excursions on bicycle without moving from the garden, epic duels on the couch and lifting pots. All spiced with a lot of training and activity in social networks. This is “The Recipe of the good confinement” of the pilot Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS, Augusto Fernandez.

How are you? How are you coping with the situation?

I’m fine. I am spending this period at home with the family and we all try to take the best possible. I will not deny that it starts to become a little hard, but you have to arm yourself of patience, positive energy and throwing it forward.

What else has changed in your routine?

The biggest change is, obviously, to have limited the ability of movement that involves not being able to go on a bike, something very present in my usual routine when we are not Grand Prix. Part of this my day-to-day has not changed much. The only thing is that normally I train in the gym with my trainer, but I try to follow with the dynamics of work-like at home. In a more personal, they miss the moments with friends, outings and other.

What is your assessment of the positive of this situation and what is the most complicated thing for you?

In my case, it is best to at the same time what it costs me. To have quality time at home to do those things for which we really don’t have time to be with one’s family is the best thing that I take from this situation so strange. However, having to be cooped up at home is, at the same time, the thing that is costing me because we had already started the season and had a mad desire to race. But hey, stay positive, and enjoy the most of these days most home because we will not realize and we will be immersed in our life of globetrotting.

Have you discovered some new facet of yours during the confinement?

With friends we play a lot of video games, and I’ve realized that I am terrible in war games and fights. In these I always lose, but the sport of MotoGP, soccer or similar give me a lot better and I give beatings important.

Social networks are burning with millions of challenges… do you have Any fun or funny that you made?

It is true that there are many and they are fun! Perhaps, of all, the one that more I liked was to give hints with the roll of toilet paper. I had to train and everything to do with dignity to the hour of truth! Then I nominated my brother and the poor roll ended up shattered! The truth is that we had a well with that challenge.

Refer to these days…

A book: ‘No fear of falling’, by Xavi Torres

A movie: ‘In search of happiness’

A series: ‘The day least expected’

Music: Hip Hop or Pop like Travis Scott i Justin Bieber, for example.

A distraction to a moment of maximum boredom: a good game to the console

An account of IG, or Twitter to follow: The of such a Augusto Fernandez are not bad!

What are you training? Have you had to resort to techniques homemade curious to meet things that entrenabas out?

I train all I can. I’m going a lot on a bike using the roller. I like it a lot because, despite being static, simulates very well the feeling of the movement and in part it seems like you’re turning a corner on the outside of the house. For strength training I use a few free weights that I already had in the house and shot inventive when I need to increase the weight. I use it and pick up everything you encounter! Oh my bottles, pots, jars of water, all, even if someone in the family crosses there clueless at that time also!

Are you finding it difficult to maintain the level of training and concentration by not knowing when it will return everything to normal? How do you manage mentally?

The most difficult thing is not knowing when it will return everything to normal. We’re not training them technically on a bike and that is the lack most expensive to replace and the hardest to bear. I try to follow a training routine fairly fixed in order to not lose the physical form, and to help the days pass more light. Work for specific objectives. For example, right now, on the calendar, the first Grand Prize would be to Germany so I’m preparing to do this. What if we postpone? Therefore I will focus on the following and I will prepare to get the best possible when it is.

Do you now that have already spent a few days of the first race, what is your assessment of how it was the first GP?

It was a great pity the fall because I had a very good feeling with the bike and I think I would have been able to do a very good career. We had taken a very important step with respect to the test and pack bike/team/rider was almost on the verge of caramel. That’s why I got so much anger having to pause the season, we had entered into a good dynamic, and the gears began to flow.

How do you see the category this year, now that has already been placed for the first time all the meat on the grill?

The season will be as I imagined. The category will be very accurate and without too much margin for error. The favourites were to sprout and there will be other names that will surprise.

Although there are many names of the worry… what you have placed on your radar?

It is too early to make forecasts real still as they always have to spend a few races for everyone to put on your site, but there are many riders on the radar.

Marini, Martin, Navarro, Bastianini, Nagashima, who is the current leader, Luthi or Gardner. They are many and we have to be one of them. I’m eager to resume competition and continue with our work as I am very happy with how things are going with the whole team.

Augusto Fernandez, pilot of the Star Galicia0,0 Marc VDS Moto2

Augusto Fernandez, pilot of the Star Galicia0,0 Marc VDS Moto2