Young rapa to demonstrate his love to his sister with cancer


Cami did not hesitate to raparse all the hair to show to her sister Gaby that the hair is not defined

By: Web Writing

A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with cancer the small Gaby and since then his life has completely changed.

As happens to many patients cancerthe loss of the hair assumes a clear sign difficult undertaking for many patients and that is the case of the protagonist of this story.

Because of the treatments, has lost all the hair on his body. The young man is sad and he says he feels very “ugly”, causing a situation of distress that has not gone unnoticed for his sister further, Camiwho has decided to convince her that having no hair has not taken away anything of its beauty.

“I can not say that everything that has happened has been easy, it has been difficult, it hurts. But this is not for any of us, or for me, it’s for you, Gaby“wrote the young man next to the moving images that you shared on your Instagram.

“I LOVE YOU with every bone of my body. Fights, and you do it very well. I promise to spend with you each battle that passes, because that is what sisters do.”

“Today I shaved for my sister and she is here because she thinks she is ugly”, account Cami looking at the camera before posing their eyes on the child. “So let me show you that that is not so”.

After seeing how the more you shave one of the eyebrows with a knife, the child breaks down in tears and the two merge into a strong hug.

“It does not matter, Gaby! Who cares? To me, it does not matter to me. The eyebrows are not what makes you pretty, not what they are”, said the young man with tears in his eyes. “I love you! You’re gorgeous, boo boo.”

The video has caused even by famous celebrities, such as singers Rihanna and Janet Jackson, who shared the video, and he wished the best to the young man with two comments; or the actor Michael B. Jordan, who wished him a lot of strength to continue fighting.