10 films from women’s football to liven up the rest of the confinement


You may be start to finish the ideas for filling the time at home in full confinement, or which is already about to finish that series before could not see, or that book that was waiting at the table and that always was outstanding. Be that as it may, here we offer you a list of nine films and documentaries, plus a seriesthis all women’s soccer, which you can find on different platforms, such as Netflix, Youtube, Netflix, or Amazon. Stories of personal growth with large and small battles won to the stereotypes, and with many messages that invite to reflection.


I want to be like Beckham (2002)

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British film that came to bust the box office in the country, ahead of prominent blockbusters of north america. It tells the story of Jesminder, a girl of 18 years who lives with his family in the neighborhood hundú of the city of London. Your family wants you to study Law and be the perfect indian wife, as his sister, but she only has it in his head to play football and succeed, and his idol David Beckham, star by then of Manchester United. A work that stands out the conflict between tradition and modernity, wanting to fight for your own dreams.

The selection of the USA with its first gold medal in a olympics.
The selection of the USA with its first gold medal in a olympics. / FIFA

Award Billie 2006 in Entertainment, this documentary tells the way of the women’s national team of the united States since the late 80s until 2004, when they achieved their second olympic gold medal in Athens, knowing what was already lifting the title of world champions in two occasions. Discusses the importance and the influence of players such as Mia Hamm, Lilly, Chastain or Julie Foudy, and the value of the group.


Spanish production based on actual events that tells the story of the child computer women of the AEM Lleida, who managed to get the league title in a competition full men. A story to a heroic and very emotional, told by the coaching staff, the families and the own protagonists, the players, who reveal their feelings and what was this milestone for them.


The railroad all-stars (2006)

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In 2004 a group of women exercising prostitution in a depressed area in Guatemala decided to form a football team to be able to fulfill his dream, the get to be treated with dignity by othersafter beatings and assaults continued in recent years, claiming the rights of women and mothers. They work on the Line, along the railway that crosses the country’s capital. Enroll in the local tournament, but are expelled by their condition of prostitutes. This produced a great scrap in the country. A controversy that has transformed their lives. History reflected through your camera the Spanish director Chema Rodríguez.

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This film tells the story of Gracie Bowen, a teenager passionate about football that lives in New Jersey and who suffers the death of his brother in a traffic accident. He played in the team of the University, and she strives to be able to substitute for him. His father, exfutbolista, not supports you, believes that the girls can’t playbut his older brother helps him to pursue his dream, and to try to open the way to other women.


Women with balls (2013)

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Documentary recounts the project of a group of women in Argentina who struggle to create their own football team in The Villa 31, a settlement located a few meters from the area’s more well-to-do of Buenos Aires. A path full of obstacles against those who are struggling for change, in a country where the sport is a religion, but where many groups are excluded from its practice.


Something more than passion (2014)

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Awarded at the Film Festival of Zaragoza and Malaga, this documentary reflects the birth of women’s football between the years 60 and 70 in the whole of Europe, but focusing above all on Spain, where still reigned by the dictatorship. Women who wanted to play hardly had support of the society and of the federations to be able to grow and developbut the great majority showed a strong commitment to be able to enjoy something that considered more than a passion. A job that collects testimonies of senior leaders and several of the musicians themselves.

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The teen Reagan Willis has a dream, getting to play football like his idol, international, and olympic champion Alex Morgan. Player who is one of the protagonists of the film and that will help the young person to achieve their goals, then seeing as you have to live in the shadow of his brother, star of the rugby, and be rejected by the champion team, the Crush. All of this highlighting the importance of the support to be able to succeed.


Series norway that came a few months ago to Spain from the hand of Netflix. In it the actress Ane Dahl Torp plays Helena Mikkelsen, a trainer that manages to sign for a boys ‘ football team newly promoted to first divisionand that becomes the target of criticism in a environment macho. Is co-starring John Carew, former player of Valencia, and offers a different view of this sport.

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Documentary film that received the prize to Better Film of Nature and Culture in the Bilbao Film Festival in 2015 and tells the story of a women’s team in Nepal you have to overcome numerous barriers to reach the glory. The girls, in the remote district of Mugu, to more than 3,500 meters of altitude, they have their families against. There nor are they allowed to play or put on stockings.