10 movies directed by actors that you have to see


What do you need to make good movies? Sometimes what you need is to have been an actor first.

Most of the actors spend their whole careers in front of cameras, following the instructions, notes and “orders” of the great directors that help to give it my all in a job and to get performances worthy of the most important awards of the film, but, there are others who take all of those knowledge and experiences, and use them to go behind the cameras and become those who give the orders in the set.

Since it is rare to see an actor decides to make his own movie, to take the reins of your career, and your own projects and become that character that gives the cry of action and to guide the protagonists to make sure that everything you do to help tell the story, and manages to convince the public.

Bradley Cooper he did it with A Star is Born and earned several Oscar nominations for this, but it is not the first nor the only actor who has wanted to explore the other side of the movies, many have done it before and, with that, we have given some of their best work. Margot Robbienot , for example, went to the director’s chair, but to the producer, and his best films, com I, Tonya, have come out of that decision.

In fact, some of the directors most iconic, as Penny Marshall and Ron Howard ( or Quentin Tarantino, which usually have small cameos in the film), were first actors, that taught them to communicate better with their players and bring out the best in other actors, or themselves.

These are some of the best movies that have been directed by an actor.

Citizen Kane Orson Welles

Considered as one of the best movies in the history of cinema, Citizen Kane was also the debut of Orson Welles in the direction, who was already famous as an actor in theatre and on the radio. Welles was only 25 years old when he directed and starred in this film about the death of a magnate of the communication and the mystery of his last words.

Easy Rider by Dennis Hopper

This was one of the most important films of the counterculture and gave a new breath to the career of Hopper, who was a veteran who was already out and established him as a great director. Easy Rider is a classic film that follows two men who decide to make a trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, touring the country on their motorcycles.

Good Night and Good Luck George Clooney

Clooney has been missing from cinema for a while, but he left enough great movies as to not forget it. One of the best is Good Night and Good Luck, which he directed and which tells the story of a journalist trying to expose and destroy a senator corrupt.

Into the Wild Sean Penn

Sean Penn left us one of the best adventure films when he directed this film inspired by the memoirs of Christopher McCandless, a man who, tired of society, he decides to leave everything and take a trip to live in Alaska, encountering a series of characters that change his life on the road.

Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig was already one of the great promises of independent cinema when he decided to move to the director’s chair with a film about the life of a teenager trying to find his way in the world. Lady Bird was one of the best debuts in the address and it became clear that Gerwig, who without doubt deserved an Oscar, it would become one of the great.

Iron Man by Jon Favreau

Martin Scorsese maybe you don’t like the Marvel movies, but all the others we know that are also movies and that Iron Man remains the best of them, and that was thanks to a brilliant job as the director of Jon Favreau, a great comedian who showed that it is more powerful when it is behind the scenes.

2 Days in Paris from July Delpy

After appearing in the saga of Before Sunset, Delpy directed her own a strange love story, one in which she and Adam Goldberg play a couple trying to revive their relationship during a trip to Paris, where they live the parents of the character Delpy, and many of their ex-boyfriends, that cause problems in the relationship.

The War of The Roses Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is a great director and has proven it on several occasions, but this is one of his best films, here tells the chaotic story of a marriage that is being destroyed little by little, but instead of sitting and crying, they decide to declare war to the other and made life impossible among them. The result is an explosion of anger, resentment and passive violence that it is impossible to stop watching.

Apollo 13 of Ron Howard

Yes, Ron Howard was a child actor first, but after he discovered that his great passion is the address, and there began the best part of his career. Apollo 13 is inspired by the real story of the NASA mission in which three astronauts were faced with large problems that had to be resolved if they wanted to return home safely.

Good Will Hunting Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Ok, Affleck and Damon are not directed this movie, but they wrote and starred in this story that earned them their first nomination for an Oscar. This is the story of Will, a janitor with an incredible ability for math that you should learn to deal with their problems and traumas to reach their full potential. Damon and Affleck created an iconic story, and gave Robin Williams one of his most famous characters.