10 movies of 2019 that Movistar Plus incorporates to his catalogue

Movistar Plus includes 10 movies the 2019 in your catalogue this month of April. The Spanish platform of streaming she has not wanted to stay behind, and has thrown all the meat on the grill. Some of the best films of last year are in this decade of good filmwith that Movistar Plus expected to take the cat to the water this month.

Each competitor, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, have made their bets this month, and expect to come out triumphant. And, knowing that many of the premieres in the room is going to be delayed or cancelled. Now more than ever, their skills can not only cover the series, but also the movies.

With all security, it is Movistar Plus the one that has made the biggest gamble in cinema with estaa 10 movies the 2019. Possibly, some of them have seen only a few months ago, so if you wanted to evitaros buy the DVD… you Are in luck, because you will be able to enjoy them this April.

Movies of 2019 are available in Movistar Plus

Who to iron kill

Frame Who
IMDB – Tosar protagonziza this thriller of revenge, showing the hidden face of the Galicia criminal prevailing.

The latest film from Paco Plaza (Veronica) is available since last Friday, 3 of April in Movistar Plus. This is one of the movies praised the 2019 of our film, and that made a good box office. A powerful story of revenge, around the drug trade gallego and starring Luis Tosar.

The director of orchestra

Frame Director
IMDB – Proposal feminist and demands from the Netherlands today.

Dutch production, which tells the story of Antonia (Christanne of long-beaked echidna) who yearns to be a conductor, but not on account of her sex. Written and directed by Maria Petersone of the movies most feminist claim of the past 2019. You will be able to enjoy it on the 8th of April.

Target: Washington D. C.

Frame Butler
IMDB – Butler, starred in the third installment of this spectacular saga of action.

Sequel to Target: London (2016), which in turn was the Target: The white house (2013). On this occasion, Mike Banning (Gerald Butler), will be accused of attempt against the life of the president (Morgan Freeman). Banning will have to flee from the FBI and CIA to clear his name and find the real culprits. The outcome of this saga comes on the 10th of April to Movistar Plus.

Dora and the lost city

Frame Dora
IMDB – the First live action movie of the beloved character of children’s animation.

The long-awaited first feature film from iconic children’s character, Dora The Explorer, will be available on the 11th of April. This is one of the first movies the 2019 you have bet on to do live action a series of animation. The young promise, Isabela Merced, gives life to Dora, and accompanying them as their parents, Eva Longoria and Michael Peña.

What burns

Frame It that burns
Artistic Metropol – Benedicta Sanchez was made with the Goya award for Best Actress for this intimate rural drama.

Another movies Spanish 2019 excellent tour, both in Cannes, as in the Gaudí and Goya. The second film Oliver Laxe, is a portrait of rural intimate that focuses more on the environment than in their characters.

Amador (Amador Arias) he was in prison for causing a fire, but now has gone out and comes back in with his mother, Benedicta (Benedicta Sanchez). You will be able to sobrecogeros with this awesome movie on the 13th of April.

Ad Astra

Frame Ad Astra
IMDB – the Gray delves into the terrain of science fiction more existential in her latest film.

James Gray (The night is ours) releases the science fiction film with this peculiar bet of space adventure. Roy McBride (Brad Pittlaunch into outer space in search of his father (Tommy Lee Jones), and also with the solution to a threat that could mean the end of The Earth. With echoes to Kubrickyou cannot lose this display of visual effects; the take-off begins on the 17th of April in Movistar Plus.

Revenge under zero

Frame Under Zero
The World – Neeson stars in the remake of british this film of action Norwegian.

Hans Petter Moland is versioned itself with its film of 2014, but with production british. Liam Neeson stars in this crazy thriller, in which a man hunts the drug dealers who murdered her son. What are their weapons? Your snow plow and beginner’s luck. Revenge is served to the 18 of April.

Once upon a time in… Hollywood

Frame Once Upon
The Questions – DiCaprio and Pitt together for the first time on the big screen, what os are you going to lose?

The last, and in principle, the penultimate film of Quentin Tarantino it was one of the movies more successful and expected from the 2019. An ode to the Hollywood of the late 60’s, as well as to the figure of Shanon Tate (Margot Robbie). Add, that he managed to get together for the first time two heavyweights as Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. On April 24, will shine again in Movistar Plus.

Rambo: Last Blood

Frame Last Blood
IMDB – Stallone returns to put on the skin of John Rambo in this fifth installment of the franchise.

Fifth installment starring John Rambo (Sylvester Stallonealready removed and with various aches and pains, will return to action. This time, the former green beret, will have to face a dangerous group of drug traffickers. Some of our best performers make up this cast: Paz Vega, Óscar Jaenada and Sergio Peris-Mencheta. What will Rambo of this? You will know what the 25 of April.

Downton Abbey: The movie

Frame Downton
IMDB – Returns by way of farewell, one of the series british most closely followed in recent years in feature films.

The long-awaited conclusion of the british series more followed in recent years is looming on the 30th of April. The family Crawley and their faithful service to re-meet again, and that the hearing be prepared, because there are no surprises for a while. Directed Michael Engler, a director common of the series.

Do I seem a few on these developments? With all safety, Movistar Plus get back to position themselves above the rest in film with these 10 movies the 2019. The rooms will be closed for a long time, there is no better time than now to keep you looking good film from home.

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