130 thousand 593 jobs lost in march by contingency, reports the IMSS

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that in march with the public health emergency of COVID-19 lost 130 thousand 593 formal jobs, the worst figure for the month of march of which there is record.

With regard to February, was a reduction of -0.6% in the posts.

“Previously the largest generation low for a march, it had been in 2002, when it eliminated 54,124 squares of the log of the IMSS”, pointed the specialists of Mexico, how are we going?

In the first quarter of 2002, according to figures from the IMSS, there was the creation of 61,501 formal jobs, the lowest figure since 2009, when it is cleared 138 thousand 291 formal jobs in the first three months of the year.

In the period from march 2019 to 2020, the state most affected in terms of loss of formal jobs has been Quintana Roo, with a low of -7.4%, after Baja California Sur, with -3.6%.

The past 8 of April, in the conference in the early morning of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the secretary of Labor Maria Luisa Mayor reported on the loss of 346,878 jobs formal between 13 march to 6 April, in the midst of the contingency by the pandemic COVID-19, with which the government ordered a halt to the non-essential activities.

This figure, announced by the Mayor, who was the 342,077 formal jobs created during 2019, the first year of government of López Obrador.

Before the economic crisis of the pandemic, the president of Mexico announced a plan lines of credit, and strengthening of social programs, and promised the creation of 2 million jobs in nine months, however business organizations regarded as insufficient the measures announced and that they will not be able to comply with that goal of jobs created.

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