5 photos that prove Henry Cavill was born to be Wolverine


Henry Cavill Wolverine
(Photo: Newsroom)

After you have stolen the heart of everyone as Superman in the DC Universe, Henry Cavill it is without a doubt one of the actors most beloved of the moment and who has repeatedly been mentioned to fill the role of Logan in a new version of Wolverine for Marvel Studios.

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After the purchase of FOX by Disneyto Marvel you have been given the opportunity to own the rights of characters such as Deadpool, The fantastic 4 and X-Men, including Wolverine to form part of the Movie universe of Marvel. The question here is, who is enough capable to reincarnate Wolverine better than Hugh Jackman?

Henry Cavill Wolverine

Certainly no one will compare to the job that made Hugh Jackman for more than 15 years in films such as X-Men, X-Men: Days of future past or Logan, which you can enjoy through Clear video and be part of the #ClaroQueMeQuedoEnCasa. However, Henry Cavill it has become the favorite and these fan arts that I share are evidence that perhaps the british actor was born to revive Logan. what do you think?

Henry Cavill Wolverine

This artist australian impersonated Henry Cavill of the most accurate way possible, with the characteristics of clutches and styling. The funny thing here is that it looks like a scene post-apocalyptic where the Avengers have been defeated, did you notice the “A” back?

As the cover film, this designer painted the portrait of Henry Cavill as Wolverine, being the beard, which has given him the plus to look more like the character from the comics.

Unlike the previous artists, this managed to create a version of Henry Cavill a lot more like Wolverine; with massive claws, the hair and beard, as well as a belt that clearly represents the X-Men.

In addition to Henry Cavill, famous as Taron Egerton and Scott Eastwood have been candidates to give life to a new Wolverine; but designs like this leave us clear that from Superman, Henry was already destined to be Wolverine.

And finally, there is the amazing design created by BossLogic, and which went round the world and confirmed once more that Henry Cavill is a favorite to join soon to the UCM.

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For now there is nothing confirmed that Henry Cavill to become the new Wolverinebut to be true, Marvel Studios would make happy more than one. The only thing that remains is to wait to reveal more details of which will be Phase 5 of Marvel and a little bit X-Men is integrated to the UCM.

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