A Holy Week different | Panama America


The Holy week 2020 has arrived in the middle of a battle of public health, where more than 180 countries the world are facing the coronavirus.

Many catholics attended the liturgical celebrations that take place on a day like today and the previous days. However, following the confinement, the churches have been allied to the social networks to bring celebrations to his faithful.

As reiterates the father Samuel Arcia of the Parish The Valley of Anton, who recalls that each pastor has been given a schedule in which you are going to make the liturgical celebrations of this Easter Triduum.

They have some media whether it be Instagram or Facebook for that tune. Also this Radio Maria, Radio Home and FETV. However, people can spend in prayer in the family, now that will all be in house.

In fact, monsignor José Domingo Ulloa, has noted that today, and tomorrow, Saturday, will have the liturgy of the “Lord’s Passion”, at 4:00 p. m. and at 6:00 p. m., respectively.

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For the Sunday, the “Day of Resurrection”, at 8:00 a.m. take the eucharist and then go forth in the popemobile with the Holy of holies through this and give the blessing. You can also tune in to these celebrations through the social networks.

Other activities

In social networks, tens of people have given various ideas to spend with family. For example, making a special dinner, watching movies, or praying as a family.

One of them is Eyleen Bernal, who says she and her children have prepared an evening of film and cook all together for dinner.

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The idea is to do different activities to have family and to keep calm in the midst of this pandemic, as it has been suggested that psychologists and other mental health specialists.

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