a successful portrait of the boxing legend


Ali and Cavett: an accurate portrait of the boxing legend
Ali and Cavett: an accurate portrait of the boxing legend. Photo: Special

At this point it is extremely difficult to offer an approach no longer say different, but at least interesting with respect to who, besides being one of the greatest athletes in history, became an iconic figure of the culture of the last century. However, against all odds and without making too much noise, Ali and Cavett, production presented by HBO, gives an unexpected hook to the liver.

The documentary becomes not only a striking recapitulation of the reviewed path Cassius Clay, olympic medallist who later was known as Muhammad Alibut in an eye-catching exercise that achieves dimension to the person behind the legend, while —in contrast— alludes to their significance in the media, the same that was key to some of the drivers of the Nation of Islam, who saw how an effective vehicle for ideological at the global level, something that other figures could not offer. “Everybody talks about what makes the Champion” they said.

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Of course, this always bearing in mind their step in the world of boxing, but without showing a single sequence of combat, which becomes one of the main successes of the director, despite not being the most original.

Are their constant appearances in the television program led by Dick Cavett, with whom he established a close and peculiar friendship, which here serve as the raw material to lay the foundation on which it develops the story. We don’t see when it delivers blows to their rivals or when you receive them, but if the havoc left in his face, that when displayed in this other scenario, while holding casual conversations through which arise in sentences that demonstrate their temperament and, in many cases, are decisive with respect to its position social; it explores nuances and subtleties that enrich the vision close to the full weight that found the meaning of their fight beyond the ring, to achieve the glory in the face of the system.

The material of file with the declarations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr.the testimonies of other journalists, biographers and the same Cavett end to give it the consistency to a film that you will love the fans of the fighter emerged from Kentucky and lovers of boxing in general, in addition to that it will be rewarding to those who are ready to discover the one who is already retired would receive a significant tribute to the carry the torch to light the cauldron at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, and what was interpreted by Will Smith in the biopic 2001.

Ali and Cavett it is available both in HBO and in Cinepolis Klik, ideal for these days of staying at home.

Ali and Cavett

  • Director: Robert S. Bader
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: United States

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