Actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ wears ‘Jon Snow’ and makes a joke to fans

United States.- The famous actress, Emilia Clarkewho interpret to ‘Daenerys Targaryen‘in Game of Thronesduring this quarantine out thousands of laughter among his fan the dress up of ‘Jon Snow‘and through the streets of New York doing jokes to fans and strangers to his step.

In a month, and to celebrate the first anniversary in the that GOT finished, leaving thousands disappointed and upset, by what they have remembered the ocasin in the Emilia, I decided to dress up his love of the successful series, and go asking where is the immense north wall.

Last April 27, 2019, the actress for the occasion of the grand finale of the HBO series is visti character and before the eyes of the admirers and people who desconocan of this carried a map and deca need to get to the north wall, where the Night Guard took care of all the kingdoms of the savages that live beyond the wall.

Even asked a young woman if you want to see the episode end at the side of the protagonist, Emilia (it), resulting in a hilarious negacin, because the girl prefera The Walking Dead.

Also visit tent, and she covered the posters of ‘Snow’ with ‘Daenerys’ and putting in check several people with their twisted ideas of going to fight against dragons and the ‘Walkers ‘ White’.

Source: MUI


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