Adventure and comedy to withstand the running of the bulls: The last two movies Jumanji streaming


Before the days went by and now the weeks go by. Quarantine to reduce the famous curve of the coronavirus continues, and even those who retain their occupations will exhaust the sources of entertainment. The large number of television services in streaming help to endure the cramped feeling that is eternal and on this occasion we combine two proposals to make four hours of our life to be more bearable. Especially to those families who have already tried everything.

But first we travel to 1995, when Joe Johnston (director of Dear, hunched my children, Rocketeer and Captain America: The first avenger) adapted to the big screen in a children’s book by Chris van Allsburg in which a board magic releases all kinds of wild animals in the real world. That film, titled Jumanji (as the book), I would continue with an animated series and a sequel to “space”, also based on a work by Van Allsburg.

Just in 2015 again to talk seriously of returning to the franchise, after a script set in the White House that never materialized. The announcement was received in the worst way. Not only was the good memory of the original film, but that had been some time since the death of Robin Williams, who had played Alan Parrish.

More eyebrows are bow when it was learned that the new adventure would not have as its protagonist a game box but a video game (heretic!), and then they announced to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the protagonist. Bad cough he felt the cat, long before the cough was a symptom of coronavirus.

And yet…

So much distrust he had for Jumanji: In the jungle (Jake Kasdan, 2017), who had to come to a closing planetary for him to give him a chance. Taking advantage of this first installment of the new saga came to Prime Video Amazon, we di play and I granted two hours of my existence. What I found was a entertainment very effective, but with the DNA of great adventure films of the eighties, such as the remembered The Goonies (Richard Donner, 1985).

Here we also have a group of teenagers immersed in events impossible, with villains wicked and targets to meet, so you have to learn to work as a team. Of course, there is a small but fundamental difference. When Spencer, Martha, Fridge and Bethany are caught in the digital world of Jumanji, they are represented by four avatars adults: the corajudo doctor Bravestone (Johnson), the carrier Mouse Finbar (Kevin Hart), the lethal Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) and the teacher Oberon (Jack Black). Four actors of legal age, who must interpret four teenagers that are embodied in four stereotypes. This explains the very small wardrobe of Gillan, which was criticized in the wake of the first images.

Here is when it is evident in the capacity acting of the quartet of protagonists, especially in The Rock, who has been known to take the torch of “big hero charismatic of film.” In this opportunity you happen to be the version gamer of Spencer, a teenage boy neurotic and a hypochondriac. And manages to combine these features with action scenes and a look killer (which is part of the skills of your character).

Another highlight is Jack Black playing the superficial Bethany, trapped in the body of a man veteran. Far from a femininity ridiculous, in the style of Fabian Gianola, he brings humor to each entry, and manages to reduce this vein tiring of many of his characters. And Gillan and Hart is also lead by a good way the irony of the guys that they have inside.

But this giving them plenty of action and comedy. It is strange the glut of animals of the original, which is here supplanted by a fierce villain (played by Bobby Cannavale) and his army of bandits motor, holders of a gem magic able to control the fauna of that world in 16-bit.

There are a few nods to how this class of videoaventuras, but at no time left out to the public that ever picked up a joystick in their lives, as the emphasis is placed on the levels of the game, in which each one of the avatars you need to use their strengths (and dodge their weaknesses) in order to move a little closer to the end of the game, and to the consequent return to our world. Thus, each of the protagonists will have their arc, which will overcome difficulties related to his life, “flesh and bone”, including the mandatory sub-plot romantic.

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With moments reminiscent of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, the above mentioned Goonies and, of course, the original movie, Jumanji: In the jungle it was a success in the lejanísimo 2017, and it earned him a sequel.

Sneaks into the tv

At the end of last year, when there were still those rooms full of seats where projected films on huge screens, came Jumanji: The next level, also directed by Jake Kasdan. And following the new tradition of the circulation of films, can currently be rented from their homes, and be seen in streaming from different services (I did for NS Now).

Watch a movie behind the other allows you to discover the best elements of the previous one are still running, as the four avatars in the main, the fast-paced action and comedy. But for this new delivery is added to an element that multiplies the laughter: two players of the third age. The grandfather of Spencer and his best friend end up involved in the action. We see little in the real world, but the performances of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover as Eddie and Milo are enough to imagine what that would be these two old trying to survive within a video game.

During the greater part of the film, Eddie is inside the body of The Rock, and again is evident the great timing of comedy that has the actor. And Kevin Hart is not far behind as Milo.

With a lot of jokes reminiscent of the “I’m too old for this shit” that Glover recited 30 years ago on the deliveries of Deadly weaponwe will have new challenges, a villain daredevil and another gem that return to their legitimate owners. Ideal for watching one after the other, with chocolate and crackers, or whatever you have gotten from the outside world, and then play a game on the computer and think if today is Wednesday or Thursday and what time we are living. But with a smile.