After Life S2, Extraction and Medici S3


Extraction – Image: Netflix

This week was extremely quiet when it comes to new additions, which usually indicates that it’s going to be a busy week for new news and developments from Netflix. Netflix certainly delivered on that front. Here are all the new trailers released this week, including the second season of After Life, the next great series of reality show, the season 3 de ‘ Medici, and Extraction.

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Now let’s look at the new developments launched this week:

Too hot too handle (season 1)

With the hope of capturing their recent successes in the genre of the reality series is Too Hot To Handle, probably you will only get a massive exposure once it is made available to the world.

Each episode of Too Hot Too Handle comes to Netflix next Friday (17 April).

Medici season 3

The program has completed its broadcast in Italy on the tv channel Rai, but it will come to Netflix on the 1st of may, as we reported earlier in the week.

Although Sean Bean did not return for the third season, maintains the excellent production values of the series, and it introduces the talents of Daniel Sharman, Johnny Harris, Annabel Scholey and John Lynch.

Half of it

One of the great films scheduled for may of 2020 is The Half of It. Originally premiered at a festival at the beginning of the year, but as you can imagine, that didn’t happen.

The drama about a young girl who helps her friend to woo a girl but ends up falling in love with herself.

The movie comes to Netflix on the 1st of may.

The progress is doing exceptionally well to Netflix, which is found in the list of trends on YouTube in n. ° 22 at the time of publication.

After Life (Season 2)

On Thursday, we had our first look at the second season of After Life season 2. The production of Ricky Gervais will launch on Netflix on the 24th of April.

The trailer for season 2 is infinitely more optimistic than the trailer for the first season, but Tony is still crying for his wife, but is trying to turn a corner.

We have more information about After Life season 2 in our full preview here.


April 24 will premiere on Netflix the thriller action Extraction, which saw its advancement officer, released this week and racked up a healthy 3 million visits.

Chris Hemsworth plays a mercenary of the black market that is recruited for a mission where you have to rescue the son of a crime lord.

The other trailers Netflix launched this week were:

  • The Midnight Gospel (Season 1) – New animated series that looks, frankly, trippy “af”. We have more information that you need to know in our preview that we did earlier in the week.

  • Love 101 – new series of teenage turks.

Those are all the trailers from this week. What are you waiting for more? Let us know in the comments.