Again! The amazing result that scares Oriana Sabatini

It’s been a couple of weeks Oriana Sabatini made public through the social networks that both she and her boyfriend Paulo Dybala, had contracted the coronavirus, and the last few hours the news are not good.

From several days ago that the daughter of Catherine Fulop remains in quarantine along with the footballer, and after learning that they had been infected, come extreme care.

If you were not in need of hospital care, and virtually no inconvenience the fact they have infected the is concerned and even more so after the new results.

And is that it’s been many days since I made the first test was positive and before a new test, the doctors confirmed that Oriana you still have the coronavirus in the body.

The thing that most surprised to the young is that in the above control, the result had been negative, that is to say that it could have become contagious while in confinement.

Beyond the bad experience that this means, the bride of Dybala tried to be good through the networks and reflected about this point.

“I have a doubt. On the one hand, this quarantine makes me feel comfortable, because for someone who’s a little antisocial and anxious as I, to stay at home is my ideal plan”, published Sabatini.

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