All of a diva! Adele demonstrates that it has luxuries and whims What will be?


Adele it is considered one of the artists of the Uk’s most talented and popular history.

During his career, the English he has amassed a fortune of $190 million dollars that might be able to fizzle out after their divorce. But it does not seem to matter because I always find pleasing.

According to an article published in the media The Smoking Gun, the singer it had several eccentricities during their concerts.

Among some of them, is that the the interpreter of “Hello” liked to have sandwiches packed without tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit. In addition to asking for bottles of wine of the best quality beers in europe.

But without doubt, the largest and that surprises a lot is that Adele not allowed to have special guests.

The british it seems to want to the most intimate of his friends pay to see it because she likes to donate what it collects to different Ngos.

Let’s hope that the famous can continue to increase his fortune and given your tastes, with a new album and tour that their fans want.