All you need to know about Quibi, the app of series, movies and short-form


Quibi, the new app for streaming videos short-form is already available to user-Android and iOS in the united States. From this app you’ll be able to see snippets of your favorite movies and series in videos of 10 minutes.

Quibi is the creation of famous producer of Disney Jeffrey Katzenberg and executive technological Meg Whitman, formerly CEO of eBay. According to reports, the creators invested millions of dollars in production of content in this app is only for mobile.

In this sense, the first thing you should know is that Quibi app is a 100 percent native user of iPhone and Android, so only you can access this through your mobile.

Quibi is not free, as we can see, its creators have been ambitious to prove that a app streaming of series and movies of 10 minutes duration could be as good as that for invest a monthly fee of US$ 5 version with ads or$ 8 the ad-free version.

What content can you see?

As mentioned above, Quibi is an app for streaming of short videos, which you’ll only be able to view from your mobile device, however, you can see the content varied, the company divides it by three categories: Movie, Without guione and Documentaries.

During its launch, the government announced 50 series. The content varies science fiction to documentaries, reality shows, talks show, news, and other series of programs entreteniemiento. It is expected that the number of available series get to 175 the next year.

Among the productions are

  • Most Dangerous Game with Liam Hemsworth, Sarah Gadon and Christoph Waltz.
  • Survive with Sophie Turner tells the story of a young woman who develops suicidal tendencies after suffering several traumas in his childhood.
  • Chrissy”s Court with Chrissy Teigen,is based on a show of real cases faced by a court.I
  • Promise, a documentary driven by Lebron James, one of the idols of the NBA.
  • Singled Out, one of the show of MTV but with a context renewed.
  • Elba vs. Block, a story where Idris Elba turns in a corridor rally.

This is just a small preview of what you’ll see, it should be noted that this content is renewed daily and Quibi offers three hours of bonus content, the episode will of 6 to 10 minutes in duration.

About the app

Quibi maintains a design and experience user-friendly, although not as advanced as the app of Netflix, to mention some. One of its best features is what the company called “Turnstyle”, which is not more than allow the production or the content to adjust according to the turns of the screen of the phone.

The app is able to automatically switch between the display modes, horizontal and vertical, different angles or shots to the change between them as well as the texts.

In the same way, Quibi ensures that your schedule will use the watch, the GPS and the sensors of the device for an experience more immersive.

The episodes can be downloaded for viewing Off-line. While Quibi seems to be an app for streaming ideal, will have to wait for the opinions of the users that usually accustomed to watching series on Netflix from your mobile, the TV or from the web.

Since this does not occur with Quibi, since I can’t access the service on the web, or a version for tablets, nor is it compatible with Chromecast or AirPlay.

How to enable or disable the subítulos on Quibi?

All the content of Quibi is subtitled and this is also a plus, to activate subtitles in Spanish, you just need to put to play the content, click on the terminal screen, you see the options menu.

Subsequently you click on the CC button (Close Caption) and select between English and Spanish. In the event that you want to turn off only you click on this option and ready.

So that Quibi represents a proposal that is ambitious and risky in a society where although the smartphone plays a fundamental role of the people, so also is the experience of the user, mainly when there are other proposals where you can choose where you want to see the content, if from the TV, the smartphone, or the web.

You can download Quibi from the App Store if you are using iPhone or from Google Play Store if you are a user of Android, if you register before April 20, you’ll have 90 days of test.