Amazing! So wished a happy easter Miley Cyrus to his followers


After that the whole world is put in a state of alarm, thanks to the confinementthe fans are knowing a little more of their stars. Through Instagramcelebrities have become a trend and using videos have shown the various activities they perform in this opportunity Miley Cyrus gives the example.

Cyrus, who has a program on their social networks, has shown a little more of his being, his thought and ideals. Faithful to the quarantine, encourages its followers, the party and advised not to leave their homes, as well as she promises not to do so, unless it is strictly necessary. But that is not all, the young star has not failed to comply with the demands of his own, so in this easter showed some powerful photographs.

Became a playboy bunny

The morning of this Easter SundayApril 12, Miley Cyrus published by all of your social networks, beautiful photos with shades of pink, in where he looks very happy dressed up as a playboy bunny of easter. Even, it was with a rabbit, apparently he is reprimanded by a negative action, what will be done?.

In the main photo, was mounted on a huge basket full of beautiful eggs, and with the same shades of roses, you can see the singer with a carrot rather peculiar. It seems like part of a gift! Many fans and colleagues did not take long to write, such was the case of the musician Wein Bach, who published “Every person that I follow at this time, get him to follow back”.

To end the session of photos, you can see the singer sitting in a chair, on a green lawn and with a sad face says farewell to its publication. Although, how would she be the same rabbit that the punished? as in the last photo wears the pants in the furry friend.