Andrea Boceli singing in the cathedral of Milan empty


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Mexico.-The Italian singer Andrea Bocelli (Lajatico, 1958) does not need to be part of any great trio of great tenors to reach millions of homes. The singer-songwriter and performer blind lift today, Easter Sunday, “the day in which we celebrate the triumph of life”, a prayer musical from the Cathedral of Milan that you want to appeal to the faith and the hope of humanity to overcome the epidemic of the coronavirus and its vicacrucis later.

Worried about the future, which “will present great difficulties which we must overcome with good will and patience”, the Italian singer more famous in the present day, at the same time interpreter of the classic, which has sold more than 75 million albums, spoke this week with media from his home in Forte dei Marmi, a town of northern Tuscany. Your concert wants to unite the entire world against the global pandemic, to send a message of love, healing and hope for Italy and the rest of the world.

The initiative that goes by the name ‘Music for hope’ will be today at 19 h live via cana YouTube Bocelli.

Responsible for the Duomo of milan, an international reference point and is currently closed to the public, as well as the mayor of the city, I was asked to play from the seo, and not refused. On the contrary. The initiative carries the name ” Music for hope (music by hope), and it is a small recital sacro accompanied by organ, which will begin at 19 hours today and can be followed from the YouTube channel of the singer.

The cathedral will remain, of course, closed to the pubic. Only Bocelli and the organist officer, Carlo Vianelli, invoke “the blessed virgin who is the us to come to the aid of all”, in the words of the instrumentalist of the Cathedral. The famed singer will address such classics as Ave Maria by Charles Gounod, followed by the aria “Sancta Maria”, which is part of the Intermezzo of the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni.

The Italian artist will sing the ‘Ave Maria’ by Gounod, and the ‘Sancta Maria’ from Cavalleria Rusticana, among others

Below you can listen to “Domini Deus” from the Petite messe solennelle of Gioachino Rossini and will complete the section of religious music with “Panis Angelicus” by Thomas Aquinas. These four sacred pieces will añadirBocelli the christian hymn Amazing Grace, which celebrated the abandonment of a dissolute life to embrace the faith.

“I am very pleased that Andrea has accepted our invitation”, said the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. “This year, Easter will be very different for all of us. I am sure that the extraordinary voice of Bocelli will be the hug we are missing these days, a strong, special and warm hug to the hearts of Milan, of Italy and of the world.”

The musical career of Bocelli began at the age of six, and the sports injury for which he lost his sight at 12 he was not arrested

The musical career of Bocelli began at the age of six, studying piano, flute and saxophone, and because of a congenital glaucoma caused by a sports injury playing football, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and with 12 years he lost his sight. Determined not to be undaunted, this artist who has already turned 61,he went ahead with great force of will, and today raises passions in recitals all over the world, often accompanied by other artists of the opera, as the soprano Aida Garifullina.

His artistic intervention, in the Duomo of Milan, is not intended to be, however a concert, he warns, but a “prayer”. “I invite all that I want to accompany. Will be able to join in spirit,” he assured. The streaming broadcast is performed from the north of Italy, the area most affected by the pandemic, and the place of Europe where he first made his appearance.

The Duomo of milan is a very important symbol of Christianity, and at this time it is the emblem of one of the cities most affected by the virus worldwide.”

“The Duomo of Milano has a special meaning. It is a very important symbol of Christianity, and at this time it is the emblem of one of the cities most affected by the virus at the global level”, he assured the agencies Bocelli. Who says that “I always ask the gift of faith, of hope and humility, the only antidote to be able to remove the virus from the face of the earth”.

Confined for several weeks already in your home, Andrea Bocelli has funded through his foundation and his page on GoFundMe protective equipment for workers in the health sector. And in fact, his performance on Saturday, April 18, in the concert of fundraising captained Lady Gaga, “One World: Together At Home”, the tenor will contribute to the funding of the response Fund of solidarity of the World Health Organization.

Next Saturday will join Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Chris Martin or Paul McCartney in concert ‘One World:Together At Home’

Bocelli will be added there with great music as Billie Eilish, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, Elton John, J. Balvin, Lizzo or Stevie Wonder. Other action to follow, free of charge, through platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Tencent, Twitch, Twitter or Alibaba, in addition to local television channels.

But that will be a week after the appointment today, in which to put into practice “the power of praying together”. “I believe in the Christian Passover, a universal symbol of resurrection to all, whether or not they are believers, really need at this moment,” said Andrea Bocelli.