Andrea Bocelli readies prayer music in Italy, and next to Lady Gaga


The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli rise up this Easter Sunday a “prayer” music from the Cathedral of Milan, with which, as he explained in an interview, ask “for the gift of faith and hope” of the humanity, not only during the current pandemic coronavirusbut for what comes after.

“I am worried, as all responsible persons, not so much by the present problem of the virus, it seems to me that soon will be overcome. But because the future will present very great difficulties that we must overcome with good will and patience,” said Bocelli in a conversation through the internet from his home in Forte dei Marmi, a seaside town in the north of Tuscany.

For this reason, it rejects that this initiative -who goes by the name “Music for hope” (Music hope)- the case of a concert or a presentation: “it Is a prayer. And I invite everyone that I want to accompany. Will be able to join in spirit,” he said.

According to the singer, a team of people very small, it has organized everything already to do a live broadcast from your home, that can be seen through the YouTube channel of the artist.

Bocelli takes weeks confined at home, in the midst of a crisis that has led to the italians to see die more than 18,000 people by the virus, according to the latest figures.

Through its foundation, The Andrea Bocelli Foundation, has tried to fund protective gear for health care workers, “which are the first row in this war”, he considered.

“I do what I always order is the gift of faith, of hope and humility, which I think is the only antidote to be able to remove the virus from the face of the earth”, added on his intention to raise also that order will this Resurrection Sunday.

Music and symbolism for humanity

The idea of this recital, in fact, was born from the authorities of the Cathedral and the Mayor of Milan, by which the singer immediately said yes, because he moves to be able to do in the north of Italy, ground zero of the pandemic in that country.

“The Duomo of Milano has a special meaning. It is a very important symbol of Christianity, and at this time it is the emblem of one of the cities most affected by the virus globally, he said.

With total freedom to choose the repertoire, Bocelli has revealed that it will interpret four well-known works of sacred music, and the christian hymn “Amazing Grace”, which for many is the symbol of passing from a dissolute life to a life of great faith and hope.”

Accompanied only by the organist officer of the Duomo, Emanuele Carlo Vianelli, and with a cathedral empty, Bocelli will begin with “an invocation to the virgin, who is the us to come to the aid of all”.

This is the “Ave Maria” by the French composer Charles Gounod, followed by the aria soprano “Sancta Maria”, part of the intermission of the opera “Cavalleria Rusticana” of the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni.

They will then continue with “Domini Deus” of the “Petite messe solennelle” by Gioachino Rossini and will complete the section of religious music with the “Panis Angelicus” by Thomas Aquinas.

All of these pieces have already formed part of the repertoire of the tenor from several years ago, even accompanied by Vianelli, so it is quiet.

“I am well aware of the Duomo, so we have not rehearsed,” he said.

More sounds for healing

What is certain is that the work of Bocelli will not end this Sunday. Next Saturday, April 18, will participate at the invitation of Lady Gaga at the fundraising concert “One World: Together At Home”, which aims to fund the Fund of solidarity response of the World Health organization.

That money will be used to purchase personal protective equipment, as well as tests for the coronavirus and the ability of processing them in laboratories, with the purpose of fighting a pandemic that has already infected nearly two million of people all over the planet.

“Many artists are going to participate and I told her (Gaga) immediately yes also,” said the singer.
There, Bocelli will be accompanied by other great artists such as Chris Martin, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Maluma, Paul McCartney, J Balvin, Eddie Vedder or Stevie Wonder.

This presentation also can be viewed all over the world for free from platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Tencent, Twitch, Twitter, Alibaba, among others, in addition to local television channels.

The Italian artist also told that it has launched a fundraising program through the website of his foundation at GoFundMe.

But in addition to the money, needed to “help those who help us”, to Bocelli, it is essential that people find their hope and their faith, because “most of us think we have faith, more than good.”

“Like me, I am a believer and I’ve always had faith, but we are believers of opportunity, believe nearby. But I think that it is a faith tempered, because if the man’s faith was truly profound, I think that this problem would not exist,” he mused.

In fact, Bocelli says that during this crisis has been “discovered, rather confirmed, the extreme of human frailty, the humanity is very fragile and only with faith and united we can protect it”.