Angelina Jolie could be starring in the live-action Magic: The Gathering


One of the most popular card games of the 90’s and to date has thousands of followers around the world (and even tournaments where the best compete against each other), could finally be the adaptation to the small screen that fans have been asking for for years. The good news is that Netflix could be the responsible of bring the version live-action Magic: The Gathering and apparently is seriously considering that Angelina Jolie is the protagonist. We’ll give you all of the details below.

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Richard Garfield, who by profession was dedicated to be a math teacher, is the man behind the addictive game of cards known by its followers simply as Magic. Since 1993 the company Wizards of the Coast has sold the trading cards that have reached different countries of the world, causing the local competitions come to international tournaments, of which many people are kept pending.

Behind every game of Magic there is a confrontation between wizards that can use all kinds of spells, incantations, artifacts and fantastical creatures to defend themselves. Beyond the letters, the stories of the characters are compelling to many followers, so there are even novels that delve more into the mythology and the personal history of each one of these warriors. In accordance with We Got This Covered, Netflix is developing a movie live-action that will be based on the book War of the Spark: Forsaken of Greg Weisman. But that is not the whole way that the sources of this medium of communication have been provided.

Apparently the streaming platform is already looking for the actress that embodies Liliana vess’s, who is expected to be the protagonist of the film. According to reports WGTCthe first of the list is Angelina Joliewho is to interpret to Thena in Eternals. The character is one of the most powerful beings in the universe of Magic: The Gathering, known as the “planeswalker human”, as well as a master necromancer. In addition to all the information that you provide us with the trading cards on it, the study will be based on his story developed in the novel mentioned above.

In these moments it is not possible to ensure that Angelina Jolie it will be the final choice for the role of Liliana vess’s, but it is clear the reason for which is the first of the list. The seasoned performer has already been the protagonist of a story based on a game. In 2001 he gave life to the fierce archaeologist and the icon of the saga of Tomb Raider adventures of Tomb Raider: Adventures of Lara Croft – 52%. To date, this adaptation remains one of the most successful in box office.

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Adaptations of video games have become popular in recent years. At the beginning of 2020, Netflix premiered The Witcher – 67%, a series which the fans received kindly, especially by the convincing interpretation of Henry Cavill as the protagonist. It is not surprising that the platform wants to bring more productions based on stories from games that have yet to come to the big screen, or girl. Especially a franchise like the Magic, which carries more than 35 million followers around the world.

In addition to producing live-action that will have as protagonist in Liliana vess’s, it is reported that Netflix is preparing a miniseries animated inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Given the success of Castlevania – 100%, show based on a popular series of video games, it is not surprising that the streaming platform will want to continue betting on adaptations of works that are highly appreciated by popular culture. In these moments the brothers Russo are producing the program, and in accordance with WGTC, it is possible to also be involved in the film that could have the actress for Maleficent – 50% as stellar. Will that be on the lookout for more news on the subject, without doubt the fans of these collectible cards will be very excited with what is coming in the way.

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