Angelina Jolie warns about the increase in child abuse during the pandemic coronavirus – Newspaper in The Caribbean

The american actress and goodwill ambassador of the office of the High Commissioner United Nations for Refugees, Angelina Jolie, published Thursday in The Times an article that exposes the vulnerability is exposed to the childhood during the current pandemic.

According to the actress, in the U.S. annually, one out of every 15 children is exposed to domestic violence, of which 90% are witnesses of this.

Taking into account the economic impacts that have been raised by the pandemic, has increased the stress in the home, which increases the risk of domestic violence, as reported by the UN.

As explained Jolie, confinement “could feed, inadvertently, the trauma and the suffering of vulnerable children”, since children are far away from the “networks of support that help them to cope with the situation”, which include friends, family and teachers. In the same way the has private of different activities that provide them with an “escape his environment to be abusive”.

The schools represent not only an educational center for the children in situation of abuse, for many of them offers “protection -or at least a temporary respite – the violence, exploitation, and other difficult circumstances, including sexual exploitation, forced marriage and child labour”, since there are more eyes adults pending their situation, he presented the actress.

On the other hand, Jolie pointed to the little empathy that exists within the company to address the problem of violence within the home, as well as the lack of training of authorities and officials to deal with the aftermath of child abuse.

Similarly, he urged the society to pay more attention and take seriously the signs of stress and violence caused by the abuse. “It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. It will take an effort across the country to give children the protection and care that they deserve,” he concluded.

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