Anitta surprised in a direct teaching the vibrators that you have at home!


Anitta did a dispute and live with the influential Léo Picon, this Saturday night, on his personal profile of Instagram. The funkeira showed him his sex toys and explained how each one works.

“These three are to suck clit. You can use them during the sexual act, because they stay only in the part of the clitoris. Works as oral sex only in the clitoris. It is different from vibrators, to ordinary,” he explained.

Then, Anitta showed an object that produced comments malicious of his followers. “Vibrators, ordinary, tend to have what goes in the cavity, so that it is different, for the introduction.”

The brazilian artist is to be a leading player in these weeks of quarantine worldwide due to their continuous postings on Instagram that they are still as always fun and spicy.

In addition, Anitta is winning the public too much with the samples that is doing what great person it is, whether that is helping a lot of people on these dates, especially thanks to his role of entrepreneur that is serving to provide class coaching to many entrepreneurs.

Unlike other singers of urban music such as Becky G or Natti Natashawho do not seem to be very successful with his publications in these days, it is certain that Anitta is being a real revolution.