As dinner with Emilia Clarke being in quarantine


The actress will be raffling a dinner virtual to 12 people to donate to a beautiful cause ?

Looking to help in the fight against the Coronavirus, Emilia Clarke ask for help from your fans with the aim of gathering 250mil £ in order to acquire medical equipment, hospital beds and of course, to support the patients of COVID-19.

And in case outside little, to encourage his followers, the actress who play Daenerys Targaryen has decided to raffle off a dinner with it for 12 donors chosen at random, which will, of course, the virtual.

“I have a small request, help me reach 250 thousand pounds for the foundation Same You and randomly I’ll select 20 lucky people to connect with me, in a virtual way, to cook and eat dinner together. We will discuss many things, our fears and funny videos…is going to be fun.”

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The actress also states that the donation will go to the NHS and create more beds in the whole, in addition to the medical team for the patients infected with COVID-19in addition to mention two clinics: Spaulding Rehabilitation Clinic and to the UCL Communication Clinic in the Uk.

These will create a support virtual for those who have recovered from the Coronavirus with support toward their well-being psychological and express openlyknowing that you are not alone.

What do you think of this dynamic? Would you like to be one of the lucky winners?

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