Awesome! Lady Gaga surprises his public with his lover, what will go to the altar?


One of the most important artists on a global level is Lady Gagaand to know that is to come to love for the pores and awakens the joy in their fans, who dreamed that Cupid would help.

It turns out that the diva is from months ago with Michael Polansky, and although they have not formalized anything beyond a dating relationship, recently ran the rumor that there is a wedding.

Apparently the singer of “Bad Romance” he made a few comments a little revealing where he glimpsed his desire to be a mother and get married.

The Hollywood star put in your account Instagram a text that left it more than obvious: “isn’t it amazing what we are capable of doing? We can accommodate a human being inside our body and make it grow”.

The composer he continued: “Then you go out and our job is to keep you alive”. Apparently he has woken up your vein from the breast and wants to soon grow to the family.

In social networks, Gaga he also premiered the photos with your sweetie, where they look more in love than ever and is seen to be treated like a princess I Just need you in the ring!

By the crisis of the coronavirus, the winner of the Oscar had to postpone the departure of his new album, but this has not been an impediment to bringing new production to their “followers”.