Back to the Future 2: Fans recreate the movie at home



One of the teachings that has left this quarantine is that isolation brings out the best and worst in people. And when it happens the first, extraordinary things happen.

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So checked the independent filmmaker Taylor Morden, who, after talking with several colleagues who, like him, were in confinement mandatory in the united States, devised a plan to unite the lovers.

With the name “Project 88”, the director of Oregon convened online to all those fans of Back to the Future 2 to recreate the film from their homes, one scene at a time.

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“Shortly after you started the quarantine here, in the united States, I have been wanting to do a collaborative project with more people, from our homes, so that I was hovering around that idea until I came up with this project.

“I’m a big fan of Back to the Future 2, and I chose that movie for the hovercrafts. No other movie has! Hence, the most difficult thing was to divide the original tape in 88 individual scenes to give to the people,” explains Morden, exclusive.

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The call is opened to all the world. The main requirement was to be able to deliver the recreation of the scene selected in maximum a week, regardless of the technique employed.

The only thing immovable would be the original script. From there on out, the imagination was the limit.”One of the best things about this project was that the people were forced to be creative, as they could not leave the house to buy accessories or clothing. Literally had to get creative with what I had on hand, and go they did!

“We received very fast all the scenes, from nine different countries. The most involved were Canada, Mexico and the united States, but we also had scenes of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Argentina, and Costa Rica,” said the director, who edited the final product.

The result is a remake done by fans, recreated almost frame-by-frame and where they are present families with everything and surgical masks, and latex gloves; children interpret the “Doc” and Marty, with fragments of animated, stop-motion, with puppets, socks, and even fruit!

“The scene recreated with bananas was the one that surprised me the most, because I never figured it out. And the ones I liked were where they were engaged young children, who learned the dialogues and did what they were supposed to in their homes, with kitchen utensils.

“The special thing of this project is that people could make something fun from your home, in the midst of all the chaos. It was something cathartic, I think, because it made us feel connected, regardless of the country where we come from, despite the isolation.”

This particular remake was launched on Wednesday in the canal Project 88 YouTube and in one day had already seen 5 thousand 500 people, in addition to becoming a trend in networks.

“We asked the people to him to recreate the original music in his scenes, because we can not use it for copyright, so that the final product really is very peculiar.

“I knew that Robert Zemeckis (director of the series) saw it, liked it, and said that was very cool. Two original players even make cameos in the project. It has been a unique experience in life, that I don’t know if a repeat in the future.”

“In this time of crisis I think people want to see something funny, and if you can also participate in the process, the experience becomes much more rich.”Taylor Morden, filmmaker.