benefits do not apply makeup during the quarantine


It is true: the makeup it is one of our large partners to feel more beautiful. On the one hand, it is ideal to conceal the details you don’t like, such as dark circles or small imperfections. In addition, it helps us to leverage our traits more beautiful; for example, make more long our lashes or more appealing to our lips.

Along with the cleaning and the hydration, make-up it is a fundamental part of our beauty routine. However, in these moments, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19one of the key recommendations is to stay at home, not really what we need.

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During these days of forty in which you have not rouged, surely you have noticed that your skin has begun to change, because it does not makeup has great benefits for your complexion. If you do not know, here you’re going to say.



The main benefit do not use makeup daily is that you allow your skin breathe. Since then, there are excellent cosmetic products, but, in the end, they are a layer that covers our skin.

In addition, its formulation not only has natural ingredients, but also include chemical substances that are many hours on our skin. Sometimes, these substances clog the pores and may obstruct them.

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Another of the great benefits not make-up every day is that we will maintain our pores free and, thus, avoid the appear of imperfections because, many times, a small imperfection could cause a vicious circle that harms our skin; if you get a granite or shin, we try to cover it with make-up extra, which makes tape more. And, in consequence, he put on more make-up, until you have a real problem in the skin.

Pores clean not saved impurities and, thus, are not precursors of granites undesirable.


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Skin hydrated and moisturized naturally. It is true, the skin it is able to be regulated by itself. Unfortunately, when we apply much makeup, impede this natural process, saturándola with more fat or water than you need.

In addition, we regenerate the natural way, because we are more difficult to peel of the dead skin cells, since they are covered with several layers of cosmetic products.


We prevent premature aging. So, the long hours that we remain made up cause the oxidation of certain ingredients contained in many cosmetic products. This will accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.



It makes your routine beauty more simple and fast, because desmaquillarnos as it is correct we need a considerable amount of time which, sometimes, gives us a lot of slack.

If you do not makeupbefore sleep you’ll only need to wash your face and apply your treatment of eye contours and voila!

Many famous already know these benefits and have joined the tendency not to put on makeup some days, as Thalia, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Lena Headey, among many others.

Therefore, we recommend that when you finish the quarantine and you rejoin your regular routine, try not to makeupat least, on the weekends, your skin will thank you.