Between a casino and a mausoleum egyptian: the rapper Drake presents his ostentatious mansion


The rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, 33 years old, wants to go down in history. As he came before tens, and there will be many others when you stop singing. Aware of the fickle phenomenon fan, has wanted to immortalize your presence in this valley of tears sending to build a mansion that will endure 100 years. So what has manifested himself to the magazine Architectural Digest: if a bomb or an earthquake doesn’t end with her, Toronto you know that he lived there Drake.

The massive construction is built in limestone (we insist on the detail given that we are in 2020 and in the most modern city in Canada), marble, bronze, and exotic woods according to the design of Ferris Rafauli following instructions of the own rapper.

“As I was building in my hometown, I wanted the structure to remain firm during 100 years. I wanted to have a scale and feeling monumental”. Since then, it has achieved.

An aerial view of the mansion of Drake. (CTV News/Pinterest)

An aerial view of the mansion of Drake. (CTV News/Pinterest)

As expected, someone who is obsessed in such purposes is at odds with the minimalism. For your decoration, Drake not valued the austerity of japanese or functionality scandinavian, by resorting to a bizarre mix of styles that remind us of the fusion of a large Las Vegas casino with the lobby’s art deco of the Chrysler building, scenes from the movie Tron and the tone colorist of the clip I Gotta Feellingof Black Eyed Peas & David Guetta. That is to say, something impossible.

The bedroom the artist occupies 975 square feet. You read well. The head of the bed, with an old mirror and leather ribbed, has a bar stocked whisky liqueur and champagne in the back. The bedside tables have inlaid mother of pearl and the bed linen incorporates a tapestry of hummingbirds Alexander McQueen of The Rug Company.

The master bedroom, almost a thousand square feet. (Architectural Digest)

The master bedroom, almost a thousand square feet. (Architectural Digest)

Among the extravagances chosen by Drake we have a tub of black marble of almost two tons, a basketball court, regulations of the NBA, a closet that spans two floors and a crystal chandelier of 20,000 pieces of Swarovski crystal hand-carved (the second largest of its kind in the world). Naturally, the mansion has a music studio equipped with the latest technology sound.

Andrew War, The Avant-Garde.

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