Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, and Lizzo in concert! (And you can see it in the comfort of your home)


Well, apparently the quarantine that we are living due to the pandemic coronavirus it has some things that make us think that things are not so bad. Numerous celebrities have given a few concerts virtual free, and we have been able to live with our loved ones remotely (and with that, we have learned how to build virtual meetings, very funny).

On this occasion, Billie Eilishour beloved Lizzo and Lady Gaga have joined forces to bring us a concert unmatched (and from the comfort of our houses).

‘One World: Together at Home’: what is it?

Global Citizen has been arming some musical events on the Internet for people to encourage for its safekeeping, and at the same time, helping to make the time at home much more enjoyable. The shows have joined celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Lennon Stella, and Lauren Jauregui. However, after a few days of organization, and now that Global Citizen has joined forces with the World Health organization, have decided to carry out the great event ‘One World: Together At Home’with artists of the first: ‘it Will be an event of transmission world-historical, the first of its kind to celebrate the heroic efforts of the community health workers and to support the World Health organization in the global fight to end COVID-19. Viewers around the world can take action by visiting this site to ask corporations, governments and philanthropists to fund the critical efforts of global response COVID-19, including support to the health care workers first-line’, it said in a statement Global Citizen.