Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are planning a destination wedding in Mexico, ensure

A singer who maintains a close friendship with the actor Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reveals that after the two rediscovered their friendship, she promises to bring additional signals.

It was Melissa Etheridgethe singer who even remained a friend of both of them after their separation points as is the relationship of friendship between the two.

Even the artist sang at the wedding that the couple performed in the 2000says despite everything that happened between the two and their separation, their friendship has never died, even today is stronger than before.

I think that they will always be friends because they are two very special people who can overcome any difficulty. I just hope that your friendship lasts.”

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The above, in addition to other confessions were shared by the artist herself through the program with Andy Cohen where, in addition, revealed that he has always loved the couple who are both celebrities who descibre have always maintained a “beautiful friendship“and he expects this to last many years.

On the other hand, another of the close friends to the famous assured that there is something more than friendship between the two, however, have preferred to keep it a secret.

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According to this source, revealed that Brad and Aniston resumed their romance, however don’t have already confirmed that they prefer to take it as something just between her and him, but it ensures that things are going so well that they might even marry again.

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According to the source, the dream of Brad is living quietly next to Angelina who is your “soul mate”, he says.

This time he kept in secret until everything has happened. What Brad more longs for now is to settle down and live happily with his soul mate, Jen”.

Similarly, the source unknown, which has unveiled the details of the couple to Life & Style shared that even the wedding plans were already a fact as he waited for the link in Los Cabos, Mexico as were the intentions of the couple, before they were to unleash the pandemic COVID-19.

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Even the actress is very excited and wants her second wedding to be “romantic and beautiful” vows hand-written on both. Would you like to see them get married again?

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