Britney Spears thinks that it is faster in the race of 100 metres that Usain Bolt


What is more likely is that the world never again to see Usain Bolt in the summer Olympics. As the fastest runner in the world, can finally withdraw from the area competitive. In addition, it is unknown any possible successor as Olympic Games of Summer 2020 are postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19.

Enter Britney Spears, who recently made a claim on Instagram and broke the record of 100 meters of Bolt. If this sounds like a territory of quarantine crazy, you may be right.

With Spears still in the center of attention, has lately been entertaining his fans mainly in Instagram. What was being funny to beat the record of Bolt, or is there more truth in there than anyone knows?

When it was the skill of speed of Bolt, was really a state of mind.

Britney Spears has been working on making it more race

Able to run at this time probably will sound good to those experiencing the quarantine COVID-19. It is unknown if Spears continues to work, but he had been awake until recently. Part of this was to attempt to dash 100 meters by which the Bolt was known in the Olympic Games.

On the 26th of march, page six reported on the publication of Spears on Instagram about breaking the record for Bolt, which raised the eyebrows of his followers. The way he said it made it seem credible:

“I ran my first 5 !!!! Overcome your fear to push you at the beginning is key … once I did that, I got 5! Normally I run 6 or 7 … my first attempt was 9 … and now I did it whoop !!!!! 100 meters race “.

During its publication, had a picture of the timer that allegedly showed that he ran the 100 meters in 5.97 seconds. His followers suspected that something was awry when he noticed that even Bolt could not run the 100 meters so fast. His record was astonishing 9.58 seconds.

How Britney Spears was just being funny or misjudged your career?

Britney Spears | Ethan Miller / .

Later, Spears admitted that she was joking, despite the fact that too many people took it seriously from the beginning. Is it possible that it has run and may have miscalculated as 100 meters? Measure that exactly may not be accurate if you do it alone.

Whatever the truth, he admitted that Bolt still has his record intact. Although Spears replied in the tone of a joke: “¡¡but it is better that you think I’m going for the world record !!!!”

What happens if she really breaks the record without anyone actually witness this? In a time of quarantine, the amount of energy gained is tremendous in all, famous or not.

After so long in quarantine, maybe someone will unleash it on the track and would end up breaking the record of Bolt after all. When you look a little more closely, the history of Bolt it was, in part, a state of mind reinforced.

To be able to break records of career reinforcement mental

No one can doubt that Usain Bolt was created to run fast. There seemed to be something in the water in jamaica with Bolt, and many of his teammates running at the same level.

A large part of that could be a regime of mind that places them in a specific area where the mind becomes bigger than the matter. The strength of the legs is important, but getting speeds really amazing is mainly via the display.

Spears takes very seriously their abilities to run. She said that in order to reduce the times of sprint, worth removing the fear to begin. It is worthwhile understanding what that Bolt could say on this, as it publishes often in the social networks.

Perhaps Spears was able to expel the energy of quarantine accumulated and do better than what everyone thinks. If so, you may be able to reinvent itself as olympic champion in the future. After surviving COVID-19, many more could be as well within a year.