Brow Lamination, new trend eyebrows that has gone viral


  • More and more celebrities added to this fashion. Actress Florence Pugh has been one of the last to do so.
  • It is a treatment that seeks to ‘tame’ the eyebrows more rebels with results for two months

    The effect brow lamination, also called brow lift or brow sculptoriginated in Russia, then moved to Iran and England, where the technique has been extended by the centers of aesthetics, and it has now been expanded rapidly by the networks in Spain. A priori is a treatment that seeks to bend the brows more unruly. Something as well as move the technique smoothing japanese or brazilian these. In fact, there are those who refers to her as permanent or brow lift. “The technique consists in molding the hairs already existing thanks to a product made of keratin which is applied to ‘break’ and ‘tame’ the shape and the curvature of the original eyebrow. After this you comb your hair with upward motions and vertical so that all the hairs are on the top. Then applied a product neutralizer is hypoallergenic, which acts as a hair gel to secure the new shape and direction of the hairs of the eyebrow. It covers all of it with plastic wrap for 30 or 40 minutes. And finally apply an essential oil nutritious to rehydrate the area and get a effect glow” explains Paz Torralba, director of the centers The Beauty Concept (Madrid, tel. 914 66 91 87). If it is necessary can be stained after the holes with a specific dye for eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Brow Lamination

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    Lights and shadows

    It promises a strengthening of the 30% after the first session and eyebrows a 50% more dense for two months, but it has its pros and its cons, as it does not leave of to be a chemical process:

    • It is perfect for eyebrows curled or “uncontrolled”: as “the ironing and later paint is not only smooth, it also provides definition and a neat, clean, and with a touch of modern to Cara Delevingne” says Veronica Castro, director of Vanitas Espai (Barcelona, tel. 934 15 69 87).
    • Also for the light shades: “The effect is interesting also for eyebrows to light shades because the lamination attached to the dye subsequent own of the technique provides an effect of eyebrow apparently more populated and important”, says Veronica.
    • The price is affordable: It is one of the techniques most inexpensive of the picture “look”. A session of 50 minutes costs between 50 and 80 €.
    • He is doing the competition to the microblading: “We’re making the competition the microblading because it is less aggressive than this, because it is not necessary to make shallow cuts in the epidermis in which you will be depositing the pigment, and if you don’t like it you can rectify at any time with a dissolving force, while with the microblading you have to wait a year,” warns Peace Torralba.
    • Orders are not filled in: The technique is very interesting to give a new look -more neat and clean – the eyebrow and, although it gets a visual effect of eyebrow wider, it is just that, an optical effect. “He brings an air more hairstyle and dressing to the eyebrows but in no case is able to redesign or to fill in areas without hair,” explains the director of Vanitas Espai.
    • The effect is ephemeral: The hair of the eyebrows is renewed approximately every month and a half, so that the results of the Brow Lamination may not extend beyond that period, says Veronica.
    • If you have thin eyebrows, or you have to. “It is intended for people who already have a good base, a good eyebrow,” warns Peace.
    • There are possible complications: In addition to a percentage of keratin, the product is smoothing in issue contains chemical components. “In some skins the exposure times required by the technique can cause irritations or peeling even though I have applied protectors before,” concludes Veronica Castro.

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      Eyebrows during confinement

      Something more: the more boring you are at home, do not you dare to venture to make a new design of eyebrows, stick to remove with some good tweezers the hairs that you are going sobrando. “Don’t try to give shape to the eyebrows with any type of hair removal, there are that focus on cleaning the areas outside the thickness of this. In the part between the eyebrows, one of the most worrying, only remove hair at the top of the nasal septum, without approaching the start of the eyebrow. It is also not advisable to apply any hair dye or similar, as these are very harmful for the hair of the eyebrow. The consequence with this type of dyes is that we weaken the hair in the area and in some cases can even fall out to appear bald, because the components of these dyes are very strong,” warns Sheyla Wrong, a national expert in brow of the Benefit.

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