Cardi B breaks out against Trump and throws message in networks


// By: Erik Yarib

sun 12 April, 2020

A new video of the rapper and performer of theme dub twerk circulating on twitter, publication in which the singer appears sharply criticizing the government of president Donald Trump, is not the first and surely will not be the last time that the artist will give of what to speak as to the opinion that holds with respect to the ruler of your country, this video brings to the fore once again the true situation of the nation with respect to the crisis caused by the infection of coronavirus COVID-19.


The incompetence of governments to the crisis

Between phrases such as “The doctor they are wearing garbage bags” and “The nurses and health workers are dying”, the singer spoke out against the government of Trump by the clear ineptitude to handle the matter, because from the beginning of the crisis, the president showed little interest by subtracting importance and above all things, ignoring the terrible consequences and the impact of the situation itself, the singer also cited unemployment and the recession is arriving. As well as the government of the USA, there were other countries, whose slow reaction and incompetence have left sequelae in the short, medium and long term, as is the case of Italy and Spain, nor can you ignore the slow response of the mexican state in front of this situation which has put the world upside down.