Celebrities who are dressed up as the easter bunny

Several celebrities have decided to celebrate in a curious way on the day of the easter bunnygetting dressed as a rabbit, managing to brighten up a little the day of the people that are in quarantine.

Because practically the entire world is quarantined because of the global pandemic that is plaguing the world, several celebrities have decided to share tender and curious images of the easter bunny.

From very early on, began the bombardment of these images and videos, one that has attracted attention is mostly women, who have delighted the pupils of his followers.

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Paris Hilton was one of the personalities who decided to join the celebration even if it is a date of religious origin, which is full of traditions, as of the painted eggs colored candy, and chocolate bunnies. Look here its daring photography.

The outfit that he wore is quite revealing even for her, however that looks as attractive as possible.

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Other celebrities who shared a photo shoot was Miley Cyrus who, with his unique style surprised everyone with its publication, because, besides being a combination daring looked quite tender, the result was a highly delicious.

As well, you will remember Katy Perry is expecting her first baby and is another of the artists features by using attire extravagant, but on this occasion he appeared wearing a full suit brushed and what’s more he saw of him was his tender tummy of pregnant.

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One of the greatest representatives of the rock, Ozzy Osbourne also surprised the dress with a brought in full and make one of his well-known gestures, the singing, bowing and showing his face.

Kylie Jenner also delighted his followers with his “disguise” because she only used a few long ears in gold color and a dress in the color nude that insurance fell within more than one of his followers.


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We hope that this quarantine pass as quickly as possible to continue enjoying the traditions of each country around the world.

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