Chris Pratt teases “Wolverine” in a way hilarious, and Hugh Jackman react (+PHOTO)


Chris Pratt has a new look in quarantine… and it seems to Wolverine!

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Pratt, known for his roles in “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” posted a photo in his history of Instagram on Monday (April 6) and showed what you are doing in the quarantine, in the midst of boredom.

In the selfie you can see the actor of 40 years, showing his new look in the quarantine, with the hair and beard longer and, which he named #WolverineQuarantine referring to the hairstyle of Hugh Jackman in the Marvel movies.

However, Hugh also reacted to the transformation kooky Pratt by placing the same photo in their stories along with a gif that says “Cute”

As we all know, Hugh Jackman he played the role of the famous X-Men in the franchise for years, and despite the fact that his distinctive hairstyle has evolved in all of his films, it is not difficult to recognize.

But according to reports from Just Jared, Wolverine” you could have another actor representing him in future films Marvel Universe. One of the possible candidates is Henry Cavill, who is rumored to appear in the second installment of “Captain Marvel” taking on the iconic role next to Brie Larson.

Although it is difficult to believe that Cavill you can play a character Marvel coming from act as Clark Kent from the allowance of his archenemy DC Comics.

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