Chumel torres is taunted Gloria Trevi and was in fair


The controversial influencer Chumel Torres is no longer how to get out of the “mousetrap”, as it occurred to him to attack in social networks to Gloria Trevi, her fans and husband have given it up to take home and make quarantine.

Chumel mocked the singer-songwriter regiomontana, of the times in which she was arrested in Brazil for the crime of corruption of minors.

It is worth remembering that Glory remained several years in prison in Chihuahua and then came out exonerated of all charges.

Now Chumel Torres, returned to the theme to make fun of Gloria Trevi, but far from receiving support from his followers, he received an endless number of adjectives negative by the followers of Gloria Trevi, who are in their millions, without exaggeration.

For his part, Armando Gomez, the husband of Glory, called Chumel, a misogynist, which is a scourge and a coward.

In the controversies that will be published Chumel on Instagram we entered Jaime Camil, who supported the influencer participating in the mockery with emojis.

About Armando, he commented that assumes that Jaime Camil is annoying, because once invited them to a dinner in Miami and they decided not to attend, since then, it took them some resentment.

Added by stating that a lady are not treated as well and showed him to Chumel Torres that Gloria was not alone and asked him not to deposit the hatred that he feels toward the women in his wife, because she is the one who defends it.

For its part, the interpreter of “loose hair”, not talked about, ignored him completely and went to enjoy a prize they gave him for being one of the singers that more sells tickets for their concerts, standing at the side of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.