Coronavirus | Anna Wintour and Julia Roberts to Nicole Neumann and Santiago Artemis: fashion puts on the barbjo


When the coronavirus was installed in our country, for quite some time it was said that the use of the chinstrap was relegated to the staff of the health and those who are with a cough or a cold. However, use and the of the face mask is becoming more and more strong day to day and as in several of the provinces, its use became mandatory, it is not discarded that starting on Monday, to become a part of our daily uniform in all the argentine territory.

In the world fashionista, several international celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Margot Robbie, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell and Winnie Harlow has already were seen with their respective barbijos of different styles in different cities of the world.

In Argentina, we will surely see ever more famous with the barbijos. So soon took the lead designer Santiago Artemis and the model Nicole Neumann.