Danna Paola plays the ball on its relationship with Jorge Lopez


Although both have already had to clarify on more than one occasion that, at the margin of the torrid romance starring characters of the series, ‘Elite’, in real life I’ll just share a great friendship, what is true is that the actress, Danna Paola, has not been able to resist responding, with his sense of humour usual, the umpteenth question that have been addressed to him on account of the nature of their close ties with Jorge Lopez.

Perhaps to avoid having to repeat the same idea over and over again, the interpreter of mexican has preferred to speak in these terms, ingenious along with eye-catching, to try to divert attention about the unlikely romance that is credited with the chilean actor and, by the way, smirk openly about such rumors.

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“Your sister with rights [en relación a la condición de hermanastros de sus personajes], your cousin, your wife, your Disney princess… get Your chiqueteta!”

Has joked the singer during a live connection to its more than 21 million followers on Instagram, and after being questioned a bit vague: ‘What are you to Jorge Lopez?’.

For its part, the interpreter has been rather more direct at the time to deny that between Dana and him there is something more than a beautiful relationship of friendship and fellowship, though it has also foreshadowed that the conjectures that have been creating around them respond, somehow, to the imagination, well-meaning of certain fans of the popular production of Netflix.

“This has arisen due to the chemistry that exists between Danna and I on the set and outside of it. It’s super staff too, we love you very much and we laughed about the situation and that the people’t speculate. I think that is because they like our work and want us, and it is the same thing that we feel for them”, explained the diplomat artist to the youth magazine You.

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